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You have just found "Across The Way" - the River Phoenix discussion group. Since 1996, this group has been the focal point for a community of friends who respect and miss the late River Phoenix. River was a remarkably talented and successful young actor who, unusual for the industry in which he worked, radiated a particularly strong sense of compassion not only for all his fellow human-beings, but also the environment in which we live and the animals we share it with. In addition to his work in the film industry, River was also an accomplished musician who wrote several songs including "Across The Way" after which this group is named.

A particularly safe haven on the Net, spam-free, and suitable for people of all ages, we welcome new and old members alike into a world-wide society of River Friends. Browse our long and rich history of messages, post a brand new topic for discussion in one of our forums using your browser or regular email client, visit our gallery, or join us in the chat-room to meet other members in real-time.

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Dreams about River AbbyRiver23 29
river phoenix always in my heart gadis trihs 2
Visiting the Viper Room Sylvie 3
Anybody out there? KarenR 1
Thing Called love cinematrixhd 1
Newbie / River Tropes Juno42 1
Last Night at the Viper Room: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind Skye MorningStar 2
Please helo me with my River tattoo RiverJude70 1
43 years georgie 1
Where River would be today opera_classical 9
Dark Blood Interview German TV (Berlinale) verruecktemails 2
RPCP Fundraiser KJ 1
Gallery linzi_xx 2
Gallery RJMC1481 1
25th May Street Food Cinema LA - Stand by me arizonaphoenix167 1
Am I normal? RiverJude70 13
...and a happy New Year 2013 georgie 2
Merry Christmas! georgie 2
Merry Christmas georgie 1
Cool Rain Interview Pescado 1
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browncaroline99 Dark BloodAug 28, 20138
browncaroline99 elke 1984Dec 27, 201211
browncaroline99 Weird dream about RiverOct 2, 20125
browncaroline99 Final 24Sep 30, 20121
sassy There are Angels on EarthSep 6, 201218
elke1984 Where are you from? US? Europe? Somewhere else?Aug 28, 201219
browncaroline99 Messages sometimes don?t appear?Aug 28, 20123
browncaroline99 In Search of River Phoenix- what a great book. What do you think???Aug 27, 20123
browncaroline99 The Celluloid Closet, This Road will never EndAug 12, 20124
browncaroline99 This Road will never EndAug 7, 20126
sassy new fanJul 27, 20122
htucsi River Phoenix lookalikeJul 18, 20123
Julia my father is deadJan 16, 20127
littledutchboy River Phoenix blogs.Nov 16, 20102
alekasattic1993 New Member looking for new ideas!Nov 11, 20104
RachelI I'm a newbie.Oct 25, 20102
Clodagh I am new!Oct 10, 20104
opera_classical American Idol AuditionOct 8, 20103
AbbyRiver23 River Phoenix StoriesOct 7, 20103
AbbyRiver23 River Phoenix ThoughtsSep 11, 20107
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