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I=B4m soooo glad to see you back!!!!!!!!!!!How=B4re you? Sorry that I=20
don=B4t post you about the date when I come home!Cos I=B4m not yet sure=20
myself. But I=B4ll definitely meet you this year! Btw,I love my home=20
and my roots too! What I really have problems are the values of the=20
society there. I=B4m real confused about this " money"" society.I=B4m=20
sick to see little kids/ teens / young people concerning only trends.=20
It=B4s not their problem but the problem of the family house,=20
society ,schools, media.. All these brought them up with these=20
senseless values. Well, but I better talk with you privately. Don=B4t=20
wanna bored other Riverfriends.=20

Anyways, thank you for sharing your opinion with us. Great! I like to=20
know what others think!I have doubts about my beliefs a few times but=20
I still do believe in the power of Peace and love. And I still=20
believe that we can achieve it if all of us want to! I, myself will=20
keep working hard for it!

Jacky, you=B4re absoutely right with the words you said about=20
sexuality. I like you because who you are and I really don=B4t care if=20
you like a boy or a girl. It means nothing for me!

Thanks again for your post! Gotta bounce now!

Have a nice day and greetings to all Hong Kong!



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