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Re: am I the bunny or what?
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-- In acrosstheway@y..., "butterflybeating" <sigrid33@h...> wrote:
> But now, i got the feeling that a lot of people are abusing me, i=20
> think i help, but then discover that my kindness is not always good=20
> for me.=20

Sigrid, if you feel that others are abusing you for your kindness or=20
so. Then don=B4t do it! You don=B4t need to help others for every price.=20
Listen to your heart. If you feel it=B4s worth, then do it. If not,=20
it=B4s no shame not to help!

>> I want to be angry, want to dislike some persons, want to be sad,=20
> still want all the feelings. Need them. And SOMETIMES it's good too=20
> to be selfish, it's good to think of yourself.=20

yes, it=B4s nothing bad to be angry, sad... and nothing bad to think of=20
own. I=B4m the same like you too!


> I don't want everyone smiling in the streets, want a smile be a=20

Everyone=B4s smile is a gift if they =B4re from the hearts or? I love=20
seeing children, babies smiling. The smiles are so innocent and true.=20
Perhaps we can also learn from our children. What I=B4m thinking now...=20
Peace begins with a Smile.. A quote from Mother Teresa... I do=20
believe that everyone will be happier and the places are more=20
peaceful if we have a smile on our face.

> i=20
> think the most important is our acts, and as long as i will be ok=20
> with mine... I'm sure of one thing : i don't hurt anybody, so it=20
> could be cool if some people could stop hurting me, or my friends...
> Sigrid
You=B4re right!

Thanks Sigrid,

Seeya later!

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