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OFFTOPIC:who IS 21 today???
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**SubjectOFFTOPIC:who IS 21 today???
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a very very nice Riverfriend has birthday today. Yes, on 1. April....=20
It=B4s really true!!!!

He=B4s smart,
He=B4s funny,
have a good heart,
nice and very friendly,
have a great sense of humor,
sweet and true,
strange and crazy sometimes,
intelligent and thoughtful.......


YES! YOU know it!!!!!!!!!!.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!DANIEL!You=B4re now=20
21!!!! Welcome to the club of OLD PUNKS! LOL! ALLES GUTE ZUM=20
GEBURTSTAG! I am so glad to know that you didn=B4t get a Heartattack=20
after seeing the present from me( LOL!!!!) and after hearing I sing a=20
birthday song in chinese for you ( LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!)

Ok, I wish you have a very great birthday with your family today.=20
Know that you=B4re going to fly to Scotland soon. So not too much=20
partying tonight. Don=B4t drink and drive!!! (LOL!LOL!LOL!LOL!)And
a very very nice holiday in Scotland. And remember to send me a=20
postcard! ( you know what will I do if you don=B4t do it!

well, I wish you for your birthday:

much sunshine and blue skies in your life,
happiness at all what you do,
fun and luck,
nice experiences every and each single day,
a good girlfriend or wife=20
Gesundheit und Gl=FCck
your dreams come true

And like I told you on phone this morning.... have a very nice=20
birthday. Feiern man schon! Will turn on AC/DC this afternoon to=20
celebrate your birthday!And once again I=B4m sooooo glad to know
You=B4re a real wonderful special friend. Looking forward seeing you=20
and your family in Sept.!

Have to go quick now or else I=B4ll kicked out from the sport club!
you know what I mean!LOL!)

Perhaps I call you again later!

Keep Rockin=B4and Punk on!!!!


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