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BARRY4/1/2002 8:21:40 AM
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JACKIE< Great to hear from you again! We love you just the way you are.

Brad, You have done fabulous and I understand where you are coming from,
but personally I am happy w/ the way ATW is. Lets just enjoy it and you
just keep contributing as you have been. I AGREE W/ RICHARD, We want
you to always be here!
EDWARD and I met MICHELLE yesterday!! She is one Fun, great , kind and
witty lady.

RICHARD , I saw time machine thurs, you were so right about your review
DANI, great letter you wrote! very thought provoking and true, thanks
for writing it for us all to read.
">when the winner was announced River jumped to his feet smiling,
clapping and putting his fist in the air in a little victory dance. He
did it for an actor he really respected and was soon to co- star with in
"I Love You to Death".
BRAD wh0 wrote this? was it written to describe the movie?
It is TOTAL BS!! Bull shit> River said " yeah" and wildly clapped , but
stayed seated the whole time.

reading BRAD and RICHARDS, open show of brotherly love and friendship
and EVERYONE`s positive and supportive responses. EDWARD will be pleased
when he reads all this.
BRAD on old ATW member from even before I was here,MAURY, coined the
word "River friends" and that is just the words you came up with too. We
KATS I`m coming to Paris in two weeks to meet you!! but DARREN gets me
first!We are going to meet (another) RIchard, the original founder of
the RP pages, and all have a few beers.
BRAD, want to know what it takes to grow more hair on your face and
other parts of your body? hahahaha TIME, thats it. and you have plenty
of time.
Gus van Sant now lives in NYC.

SIAN was it Burnside or Stark street aka vasiline alley.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, BARRY
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