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Hi John,

you're definitely a good news bringer here.
I'm sorry you didn't have the chance to use the footage of Dark Blood. No doubt
you'd have done a better use of it than E! - they probably used that scene when
Boy dies to relate it to the true events, but that's pretty much bad taste to
me. They probably didn't even know of the famous scene - even though it was also
talked about in the long March 94 memorial Premiere article.

Still looking forward to see "Eclipsed by Death" (but at least that now exists
for sure) and the other projects. I was starting to think that the family
couldn't deal enough with River's death to make something public in his memory.
Which would be understandable, but a loss for us, and in the case of River's
music - that was designed to be shared with the audience -, a loss for River,

I know I'm totally late in my emails, sorry.

Take care,

> kats and all-
> George Sluizer bought the footage from "Dark Blood" recently and says
> he plans to make a documentary about the making of the film. He
> refused to let me use anything in my documentary on River because he
> did not want it to "spoil" his project. E! was lucky in that the
> footage was still owned by the insurance company who covered the film
> when they did their show. But it was so frustrating that they used
> so little of it. And certainly did not let any scene play long
> enough to give anyone a chance to see how River's acting was in that
> film. It is just a mark of E!'s shoddy productions that they did not
> get the famous final shot of River's last scene that Ed Lachman
> (cinematographer) talks about in John Glatt's book. I talked to Ed
> on the phone and he said it should be easy to find - the last reel
> from the last day of shooting. He said it was the best scene he ever
> shot and was saddended that no one could ever see it. And that's
> very impressive coming from a man who has worked on films from Werner
> Herzog's "Strozek" to "the Virgin Suicides."
> I was told that Rain has finsihed remixing River's final work with
> Aleka's Attic (the material Sasa talks about in my interview with
> him) and the family plans to release the CD sometime soon. I hope
> they will also convince Michael Stipe (who bought the earlier Aleka's
> Attic masters from Island records) to release that material at the
> same time. As you may not know, Island signed a development deal
> with River "and band" after seeing him perform in "Jimmy Reardon."
> (Island released that film.) Although AA did a whole album or two,
> Island didn't like it and shelved the masters. River's later work -
> with some of the original members, and newcomers like Sasa Raphael -
> is totally different sounding, apparently. So someday we'll get to
> hear both the "pop" AND the "experimental" works of Aleka's Attic.
> Only those two tracks were ever released on compilations so far.
> john
> PS thanks for the praise & support kats.
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