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Sigrid4/1/2002 2:09:38 PM
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SigridSubjectRe: My River Phoenix Collection
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Hi Ellen,
i was doing the same when i started my website, now i'm learning
html, but for the guestbook i had to see with my host. By the way,
it's not the most important, your site is great.

> SIGRID, with regard to your question about the guest book, I use a
> program called Microsoft Publisher 98 to create my web page,
> I don't know anything about HTML coding. If it is possible to do a
> guest book I haven't found it yet. Sorry. I've received a few
> emails about my web page privately however. I LOVE it when people
> take the time to do that! Some people just say they like the page
> and others actually share their "How I got River" stories with me,
> which is really nice.
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