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~Richard4/1/2002 3:50:44 PM
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--- In acrosstheway@y..., "butterflybeating" <sigrid33@h...> wrote:
> Hi Ellen,
> i was doing the same when i started my website, now i'm learning
> html, but for the guestbook i had to see with my host. By the way,
> it's not the most important, your site is great.
> Sigrid
> > SIGRID, with regard to your question about the guest book, I use
> > program called Microsoft Publisher 98 to create my web page,
> because
> > I don't know anything about HTML coding. If it is possible to do
> > guest book I haven't found it yet. Sorry. I've received a few
> > emails about my web page privately however. I LOVE it when
> > take the time to do that! Some people just say they like the
> > and others actually share their "How I got River" stories with
> > which is really nice.

Ellen, your site is great. I like your use of the sound clips. Keep
up the good work. By the way, would you like to include something for
ATW, like movie clips or scenes? If not, that's okay. It's really
hard for you to find movie clips now.

By the way, love River and all of his work. I hope you all come to
ATW soon.

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