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HI APRIL and River Friends! Bunch of little jelly beans in here. All
items are open for comment by everyone. Names in ALL CAPS for those
who are pressed for time and have to skim fast, ok?

THIS THING CALLED LOVE: APRIL like mostly River singing in this
one. The one song he does with Samantha Mathis I really like. How
do you mean that the role of "James Wright" in "This Thing Called
Love" was weird? Wondering how it struck you. More than in any
other role, I felt James was "acting". Hard to explain, but
thought "James" was trying to act like something he was not. So to me
was interesting cause River had to act like James who was acting like
someone James thought he should be but was't quite sure of yet. Sort
of felt like James was frontin' something, like maybe his notion of
what a sucessful Country Western Singer should look like or
something. This make any sense? What did you pick up on?

River Movies on TV in the USA: RICHARD, thanks for the heads up
on "Sneakers". Haven't been able to put much in the Calendar lately,
but you can if you want. Did find "Sneakers" listed as follows.
Looks like a big month for River on TV in the USA. Running On Empty;
Dogfight, Stand By Me and Sneakers are all listed in the TV Schedule
link BARRY gave us. Members can see the whole listing by finding that
link in the "Bookmarks" room, click on the TV Schedules Folder, and
it's the link to schedules in the USA. Here's the complete listing
they have on that link for the showing of Sneakers that RICHARD told
us about:
150 minutes- USA, 1992, (CC), Video, SS

Directed by Phil Alden Robinson and starring
Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Ben Kingsley
Dan Aykroyd, David Strathairn, River Phoenix
Mary McDonnell, Timothy Busfield, James Earl Jones, Stephen Tobolowsky

Computer hackers learn the device they were hired to retrieve is
capable of cracking the nation's security systems.

Sun Apr 14 03:00P USAE- USA Network

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY DANI! :-) Thanks for the Heads Up on this DEBBIE!

BARRY - A River Friend told me it in msg. # 7745 in January.

"BRAD, I saw the show. I never really remember much about these
awards shows but in this case I DO have one strong memory of this
show...even after 13 years. The memory is of River.
I did not have an opinion about who should win the award even
though I did very much believe that River was worthy of the award.
But I had not seen A FISH CALLED WANDA yet, and at this late date I
don't remember who the other nominees were; I doubt I had seen them
But the one scene from the show which I remember: when KK's name
was announced, the camera swung to River who JUMPED up out of his
seat and raised his right arm punching the air and rotating his wrist
in an enthusiastic "victory" salute for KK.
He seemed genuinely glad and happy that KK had won; there was no
jealousy, no resentment, just a real and enthusiastic assent to KK's
winning the award. It was River's openhearted ability to rejoice at
someone else's good fortune, even at his own (River's) expense, that
has made me remember this scene from the 1989 Academy Awards.
I wasn't really a River fan fact, not until after he
died. But I absolutely remember that generosity of spirit which he
displayed so spontaneously."
Why did Kevin Kline win it? Cause me and RICHARD watched as much as
we could of "A Fish Called Wanda" with Kline in it and well both of
us turned it off. Really, not trying to be dank, but honest I don't
understand what the crteria were the members used to vote for Kevin
Kline as Otto in "A Fish Called Wanda" over River Phoenix as Danny
Pope in Running On Empty?

ABOUT ENJOYING ATW THE WAY IT IS: ok BARRY, not quite ready to stop
thinking about ATW NEXT yet but need to figure something good out
soon or just back off to just being the way I was last year.

BARRY I don't understand this: "SIAN was it Burnside or Stark street
aka vasiline alley". Heard Vasiline Alley before and read it
somewheres too so know it's a nickname but thought they meant
Gasoline Alley but mispelled it. (Street in Portland Oregon where
kids like Mikey Waters (River in "My Own Private Idaho") would chill.

MAURY (HOLLENDER?) > BARRY wrote: "BRAD on old ATW member from even
before I was here,MAURY, coined the word "River friends" "<<<
I remember reading his posts in the archives (Maury Hollander or
something like that?) BARRY. His subscription got killed off by
Yahoo! bouncing. If you gimme his digits I'll write to him and help
him get back in on Special Notices. Want him back here too. Lots of
the members who subscribed from the OneList and eGroup days have got
killed off by Yahoo! Groups bouncing policies. And Yahoo don't tell
moderators, they just do it! :-( So want to get him back Across The
Way, ok? And BARRY who is the "Richard" in this you wrote?

"KATS I`m coming to Paris in two weeks to meet you!! but DARREN gets
me first! We are going to meet (another) RIchard, the original
founder of the RP pages" <<<<

I thought Tim Propert started River Phoenix Pages? He's from
Australia, Right? So who is Richard? And could you gimme his digits
too? Cause got to get him in here too. When you see him you should
tell him that "River Phoenix Pages" are sort of famous now. They are
in that Japanese Book you told those authors about but if you look in
my post # 9960 River Phoenix Pages * Deep Impression Brad Ryan
Tue 3/26/2002 > you could see where I found a newspaper from New
Mexico that talked about RPP just in August of last year! OK, let's
see what else for you BARRY, ummm, Oh, could you tell ALEX and DARREN
when you see them that I was sorry for them about the Queen Mother?
My mother liked her. And I know what else. Just if you could sort of
tell GEORGE thanks for all the work he did in trying to help me
locate Hougaard and his software for the old River Phoenix Tribute
Board. And say hi to JORDAN and MARY JO and SIAN and AUDRA if they
can get to Anastasia's. And maybe you could just sort of check on
EDWARD ok? Don't want him to think I am checking up on him, but sort
of need to know that he is doing ok, cause I lost his signal now.

Ok, think that's it for now. Well gotta bounce anyway.


--- In acrosstheway@y..., "coolchic73448" <coolchic73448@y...> wrote:
> hey there. I was just wondering if anyone likes the movie The
> Called Love because I think it was kind of a weird role for River
> I was hoping someone else agrees with me.
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