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~Audra4/1/2002 9:23:27 PM
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It was Burnside. What a trip, man!
Poor Audra, I think she had a culture shock.

Edward, Barry and whoever else was to be at that luncheon. Audra and
I are sincerely sorry for not being able to attend. Sian jr is
feeling much better now, but both Aud and I work such weird, whacked
out schedules, it's hard to get our times to coincide. I am afraid
that for the next few weeks I will be continuing to be nocturnal. I
bartend over in West Hollywood, and it's impossible to get home and
get right to bed. On an early night, I pass out around 6am. Then, add
on the fact that Audra also bartends too and carries a dayjob for
thirty hours a week, and I am Mr. Mom in the daytime, we really don't
even have time to get together except when we are sleeping.
Hell, if I had been more alert, I might have planned to have you guys
over for dinner. There is always next time. The future has endless

Again our apologies. I really wanted to go. Anastasia's is a great
restaurant. It's one of the few vegan restaurants that doesnt' give
me heart burn! Had I gone, you would have though I had narcolepsy,
because I know I would not have been able to stay awake throughout
the lunch! It sucks working nights.

Brad and Richard-
So beautiful to see you both unafraid and unashamed of your emotions.
Love is love, and it's beautiful when people express it.

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