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Re: Brad............I miss our conversations together!
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~JD4/1/2002 10:53:39 PM
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~JDSubjectRe: Brad............I miss our conversations together!
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I just want to say that historically, most of my best friends have
been straight boys. If people are comfortable with who they are,
they can be capable of maintaining friendships with virtually
anyone. Hate to come off corny here, but love and friendship are
two of the only things that make life worthwhile.

The Junkyard Dog

> Well, Nicole. Yes, I am. I am 17 years old. No, Brad is not gay. I
> just miss him so much since he is such a pal to get along
with. He's
> straight, anyway, Nicole. I just like him because he is funny and
> cool at the same time. He also plays the same sports we do,
> Brad? Soccer! I am proud of what I am! Gay pride here. Live
with my
> mother and sisters. They all kind to me, encourage me to go to
> college soon. They are supportive, too. To me, Brad is like a
> I never had. A very trusting brother and very neat friend to hang
> with. I just like to know he is alright because I don't want him to
> leave. And Marya is cool, too! Also very thoughtful and kind.
> Richard
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