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Re: Brad............I miss our conversations together!
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~Audra4/1/2002 11:52:11 PM
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~AudraSubjectRe: Brad............I miss our conversations together!
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right on, junkyard dog!
I couldn't have said it better myself-

--- In acrosstheway@y..., "trashoblanco" <trashoblanco@y...> wrote:
> I just want to say that historically, most of my best friends have
> been straight boys. If people are comfortable with who they are,
> they can be capable of maintaining friendships with virtually
> anyone. Hate to come off corny here, but love and friendship are
> two of the only things that make life worthwhile.
> The Junkyard Dog
> > Well, Nicole. Yes, I am. I am 17 years old. No, Brad is not gay.
> > just miss him so much since he is such a pal to get along
> with. He's
> > straight, anyway, Nicole. I just like him because he is funny and
> > cool at the same time. He also plays the same sports we do,
> right,
> > Brad? Soccer! I am proud of what I am! Gay pride here. Live
> with my
> > mother and sisters. They all kind to me, encourage me to go to
> > college soon. They are supportive, too. To me, Brad is like a
> brother
> > I never had. A very trusting brother and very neat friend to hang
> > with. I just like to know he is alright because I don't want him
> > leave. And Marya is cool, too! Also very thoughtful and kind.
> >
> > Richard
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