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Sigrid: postcard..
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Lonesome George8/1/2002 1:11:11 AM
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Lonesome GeorgeSubjectSigrid: postcard..
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Hello ATW RiverFriends:
Just wanted to say, I got a postcard from Sigrid too. And it
looks like she really does like it where she is, but does mention
that she misses her former location just a little..
Glad she still pops in here from-time-to-time to leave us all a
little note and to look for notes to her.. She says her leaving ATW
is *only TEMPORARY* until she can get computer time set-up, then
she'll come back to ATW again...
~~~~~Dedication to River Phoenix (DOB 8/23/70):~~~~~
I cannot even bear the memory, Yet now I turn to it.
He is gone; and all the times when he was there
seem like lost riches!
...I know I'll miss him forever...
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