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Joaquin in "Signs"
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Monday night 7/29/02 on ABC-TV Network (ABC-7 here in L.A.) from
8:00pm to either 10:00pm or 10:30pm [Pacf. Daylight] during a "James
Bond 007" movie; there were interspaced segments on [like] "The
Making Of..." "Signs" And different people in (or working on)
the film "Signs" were interviewed and gave their impressions and
feelings on working on the film.

[I didn't stay in for the whole thing, because Art Bell's "Coast to
Coast AM" radio show started before it was over.]

But, I **DID** think it quite interesting that Mel Gibson had so many
nice things to say about Joaquin: That he was "really good" in his
part, and that "he was really generous" with his suggestions to make
it a better film and with his help to other actors and staff and how
much he "enjoyed working with Joaquin on this project"..

Joaquin, also, was quite excited about his working with Mel in this
film project and remarked on how much of a "privilege it is to work
with such a great talent as Mel Gibson" and how much he "enjoyed the
whole experience"..

"Lonesome George" Andrews {regTM}
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