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Brad!8/1/2002 3:58:53 AM
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hey, what do ya expect of a dumb jock boy who still plays baseball at
almost 17 years old and likes old movies with some guy with a name
like River Phoenix? Hahahahhahaahah! Turn on Letterman to see Joaq
now. Dave is just doing the top ten, then they got one of the miners
that got saved and all on too, ok? But who is Little Richard?

--- In acrosstheway@y..., r0ck0ncherry@a... wrote:
> In a message dated 7/31/02 11:27:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> brad_de_lac@y... writes:
> > look, no boy is worth it. And this is a boy saying this. You are
> > better than all this. Really Theresa.
> im not tired of life cause of men-that is real dumb brad lol. but
thanks for
> the info.
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