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Absent Friends
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~Tony M5/13/1999 9:04:43 PM
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I am participating in this years Aids Walk here in New
The main reason is because 5yrs ago, I lost a very
close friend to Aids complications.
He is the very one who stood by me and gave me his
shoulder the night River passed on. He didn't think
me foolish or childish or shallow. He didn't judge
me. He saw my pain as genuine and aknowledged it. He
comforted me when I thought myself unconsolable. This
meant a lot to me. You see, he's cared for his lover
all through this retched illness. He even held him in
his arms when he died. So what I had lost, in
comparison, was not one tenth of his loss. But he
didn't measure the depth of it. He just saw the fact
of it. That Halloween night I still went to his house
to let him know I couldn't possibly go out. (he had no
phone). He kept me there for a while. The next day
at work he brought me a sympathy card.

A few months later I moved him to his sister's in a
nearby town. That's the last time I saw him. We
spoke on the phone a few times after that. Then I
moved to NYC in May of '94. I tried to reach him but
he'd moved into a hospice because he didn't want his
family to go through what he went through with Mark.

In Sept of 94, I came home from work to the message
that he had passed. Robert Escobedo was a beautiful
human being. Caring,generous, sweet, kind.

I miss him. A lot. I promised myself that I would do
what I could in the Aids fight. I've done precious
little. Six months at an Aids Clinic. So now I am
inspired to start up again. to work in his memory.

I just wanted to share that. It is a very important
part of my River history. And my life.

Thanks for listening,

Tony Malone
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