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Save the world 1 piece at a time
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~Ann DSubjectSave the world 1 piece at a time
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I was just going through my old teenage scrap books (You wouldn't believe
how many hundreds of articles I have of 80s actors) anyway, I found a few
River Phoenix interviews. I'm going to try and transcribe then. Most of them
are from Australian magazines so maybe you haven't read them.

Article 1

We are the World

This is my favourite interview with River. I remember reading it as a teen
and it helped me to make the decision to become a vegetarian and
environmental activist. I only have about the last quarter of this article.
I cannot find the other half anywhere. I don't know if this is a well-known
article but if you have seen in on a website, let me know so I can read the
rest of it. River wrote it BTW. I'd like to know your impressions of it.


We've un out of room for all of the garbage our "throwaway" society has
created. We must implement recycling programs in our homes, schools, and

You can start by recycling aluminium, glass, newpaper, cardboard and paper.
Talk to your teachers and call your local elected officials to find out how
you can get involved. Be persistent. Be enthusiastic. Be determined.


We are literally poisoning ourselves because of the pesticides sprayed on
our produce; the chemicals dumped on our farmlands to 'nourish' the soil;
the hormone growth stimulants, tranquilizers and antibiotics fed to animals
that humans eat; and, of course, the pollutants spewed into the air.

Pesticides don't just affect the creature who ingests them first. Whenever
you eat anything that comes from nature, you are ingesting these poisons too.

The solutions to these problems will take time, but they will be
accomplished. I've learned that if you can't get it all together to
accomplish this thing called peace, you do at least your part in your own
life, because that's where you can truly make an immediate difference. I'd
like to stop all of the world wars, but that's really an impossible
endeavour for one person. But I can stop all the wars in my life. I can
start with myself and improve my personal relationships with everyone I'm in
contact with. I'd like to stop workd hunger and famine, but one man
single-handedly couldn't possibly stop everyone's hunger. What I can do is
spend my own time, energy, and money enlightening others about the plight of
the poor. And although I can't stop all cruelty to living creatures on the
planet, I can be kinder to every living creature in my life.

Peace begins with you. Now. We must light the lamp of our consciousness so
that we never react without thinking and questioning the means to get to the
end that we are seeking. Because if the path along the way is covered with
thorns, selfishness, cruelty, and greeed, you can be pretty sure that the
result will lead us to just about where we are today...near the end, if we
don't do something quick.

Therefore, I question everything with my consciousness lamp on to see if the
road I take along the way will lead me to peace. In MY life I decided:

*Not to eat animals or amimal products or to use their skins for my
clothing, shoes or decorations.
*To recycle
*To speak out and know that my voice can be heard.
*To use less and less of those things that add to the dmise of our planet.

With the help of all of you, I look forward to the years ahead of us when
our genteration can work together to create a happy, healthy, clean, and
loving environment.


It makes me sad that River never found that peace. Maybe he has it now?

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