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~Skye5/14/1999 8:12:01 PM
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Hello! and thanks for printing what part of the article you have that
River wrote! I happen to have he first half but not the part you
printed! River wrote this article in honor of Earth Day awareness in
1990. I agree with River's opinions in this article 110%!!!- by the way.
It is hard to believe he was only almost 20 yrs old at the time this was
printed. It just proves that despite his lack of a FORMAL education-
River was still educated and extremely intelligent. River had rare
insight about what we are doing to this earth by our diet choices, the
products we buy, the chemicals we use daily, and how wasteful we as a
society can be among so many other things. Which is remarkable. Anyone
who reads any portion of this article can't deny this. And also can't
deny that it will make you think about what you do daily and the
eventual conseqences. I regret that I do not have the time right now to
share the first half of the article but will do so later today. I warn
you that it is a little legnthy. But is a must read as River wrote this
for us! I thank River for bringing these important issues to my
attention and lighting my "consciousness lamp" . And hope that River
knows his wise words did not always fall on deaf ears. He did make a
difference in this world. There will never be another River Jude
Phoenix! I will return soon with the first part of the article. Love and
Peace ~ Skye

"Kindness and compassion towards all living things is a mark of a
civilized society."
Cesar Chavez
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