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sugarpants90SubjectHi to the board
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Hi, I am new to this group so hello all. My name is Amy [not sugarpants-haha]

I've been a long time admirer of RP since I was 13....I am now 31 and it seems like
just yesterday that he was here. I was doing some research online and found this
board. Was surprised at the activity on this board all about River. Kudo's to all of you.

I have a little story, it's not as exciting as the other ones....[no RP encounters, but

But when I was in highschool ..maybe 1989 or so, I lived in NJ at the time and I
remember seeing on the NY news that afternoon that Aleka's Attic was going to play a
charity rainforest benefit show at the Wetlands in NYC. I begged and begged my
mother to go see his band play, since we only lived an hour south of NYC, we had
time to go. I recall pleading and begging with her-- my exact words were " But this
will be the only time I will be in the SAME ROOM WITH HIM!" My mother simply
wouldn't take me, since she couldn't leave on a moments notice and drive up to NYC
to see some band some actor that I worshiped was in. She said "They'll be other
times, just not tonight Amy, sorry!"

To this day, she regrets doing that. And if something about him comes up on tv or
something...I always give her a guilt trip.

My question is, does anyone have any record of that show? Or articles on it or
something? I remember it happening, because they interviewd River during
soundcheck that day and they broadcasted it on the news. He was asking for people
to come see his band play. That was the first time I even knew he was in a band. It
was a wonderful surprise to know that he was serious about music. I was in
highschool when it happened, so it must of been 1989-1990 or even earlier or later.

Thanks for letting me share that with you all. I have lots more to share. I wish I had
found this place a long time ago.
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Lil* Sis71SubjectRe: Hi to the board
PostedFri, Oct 03, 2003 12:30AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hello AMY!!

first of all, welcome to ATW. I know you'll like it here since you
admire River Phoenix. You're not going to believe this , but I have
a story eerily similar to yours. I'm 32 years old. In early 1991
Aleka's ATtic was playing at a club somewhat near the town where I
live. This club, called the Chance, is a hotspot for new bands and
it's about a 40 minute drive away. My boyfriend at the time ( who
I'm happy to say is now my husband, Nick) and I were in the car and
heard Aleka's ATtic being interviewed on a local radio station. They
were talking about PETA and the Tame Yourself album because it had
been released recently. so aleka's attic was now on this tour. I
knew River was in a band but I didn't know the name of the band until
this moment. I said to Nick, let's go and see often will
he be in this area? but Nick didn't feel like going because they
were scheduled to go onstage really late and he had to be up very
early for work the following day. So I didn't really push the issue
because I figured I'd see River down the road at some point.
sadly that was never to happen.

I tease Nick about it sometimes, but he's a great husband so I can't
be X-( at him. Initially after River died I was upset about it ,
but nothing can change it. I could've gone alone but I didn't.
( kicking myself as I write this)

Amy, I understand. so I give you my sympathy too.
Just to let you know. When River was being interviewed on this
local radio station, Tim Hankins ( the viola player in AA) was with
him and after the interview, they played Across the Way, which was
written by River & Josh McKay. I remember they talked about their
involvement with PETA and the song, just general things. I don't
know anything about the radio interview that you're speaking of in
NYC but that would be great to hear though. River has a sweet voice.
well Amy I hope I didn't make you depressed or anything, but I had a
very similar story that i thought I'd share with you.
*group *

I'm glad you found ATW because it's a place where we can all share
our feelings about River. I hope you post more so we can all get to
know you better. thanks for listening to my story too.


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SaManThASubjectRe: Hi to the board
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Hey Amy!!


i loved ur story..

You'll love it here.. I DO!!

Lots of Love Samantha
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JennieSubjectRe: Hi to the board
PostedFri, Oct 03, 2003 04:50AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hey Amy!
Welcome to ATW!
If you whant too talk about River,this is the right place.
And also the best place!
See you soon and take care.

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~* Marjie *~SubjectRe: Hi to the board
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Hello Amy
A big welcome on atw !!!
Nice to meet you.
I love River since 12 years.Thank you so much for your story -
I hope to see you here .
Atw is the best place dedicated to River, I think!
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