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Remembering River's kindness....
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Lil* Sis71SubjectRemembering River's kindness....
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Hi Riverfriends !!

We all know of the many generous things River did for charities ,
for people in need, and there are so many things that he did that we
probably don't even read about.
I was watching SNEAKERS the other night and I was reminded of a
story in a magazine called Premiere where people who knew or worked
with River were commenting on him and how they felt about him. Danny
Ackroyd who co-starred with River in Sneakers ( Dan played "Mother")
told the beautiful story basically like this.
River came to visit Dan and his family at Dan's other home in the
midwest ( I don't know where exactly). River slept in Dan's office
and one night River went down to Dan's wine cellar and opened a
bottle of Petrus (?) wine. it's a rare wine which costs about
$800.00 , but River didn't know this. Dan was shocked that River
opened it, and he said, "oh river, you opened that bottle?" Then
River felt really terrible because he didn't know the wine was so
rare and expensive. Then, of course, Dan felt terrible that he
called River on it, instead of just ignoring it and not saying
anything. Dan said that a couple of weeks before River died, Dan
received a present from River. It was a very rare bottle of wine ( I
don't know if it was Petrus or not) but River went through a lot of
trouble to find it. Then River died, and to this day, Dan treasures
that bottle of wine and will *never* open it. It's so precious to
him because it was a gift from River -
thanks for listening...have a great night everyone!


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RachelSubjectRe: Remembering River's kindness....
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Shirl that is such a sweet story it reminds me of just how kind
River was. i would love a friend like him. well i guess we all have
everyone here at ATW. thanks for sharing it with us.
hugs jonzi
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JennieSubjectRe: Remembering River's kindness....
PostedSun, Oct 05, 2003 01:50PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Thank you Shirl,for sharing this with us.
River was very special on that way,he had a big heart!I have never
new about another person like him!
I got touched by this story,not for the wine,for what Dan said about
it all!
I diden't new about this until now,soo I'm grateful.

Many hugs,
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