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River Phoenix happenings in L.A.
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Lonesome GeoSubjectRiver Phoenix happenings in L.A.
PostedMon, Nov 03, 2003 02:00PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hello everyone; "Lonesome George" Andrews
here, from L.A; part of ATW..:

Here's what's been happening -- DAY 1:

Thurs; Oct. 30th; 7:30pm~10:30pm
Richert's "Aren't You Even Gonna Kiss Me
Goodbye?" (Jimmy Reardon) 1988-2003 90 min.
was shown at 7 Dudley Cinema at Sponto Gallery
7 Dudley Ave; Venice, Ca.
The group was all a-buzz after the showing which
ended with a round of applause BEFORE the final
credits started rolling and another round after
the credits had finished.
Bill was aglow with the joy at seeing every-
one's reactions and the ample applause and
comments of appreciation over the film.

DAY 2:

1:30pm to [whenever] Luncheon with Bill Richert,
and most (if not all) of the L.A. group in
attendance. I think there were 12 of us there.
While we were eating, Barry came up to me and
told me that Bill had a surprise for me. I took
another slug of the great chicken-vegetable soup
and went down to his end of the table to see what
was up. He handed me a brown manilla envelope
that was bent over 2 ways and rubber banded to
hold. He had signed [autographed] the manilla
envelope. When I opened it, I was amazed to
find a VHS tape copy of Bill Richert's ORIGINAL
film which we had just seen 2 nights before.
And the tape box is autographed too. What a
great and generous gift.
We spent a lot of time talking both before
ordering and after eating. And I don't want
to get the names wrong or misspelled, so I'll
tell you who else was there later on {you know
how bad I am at remembering names}. O.K: of
course there was Barry [author of the upcoming
book: "In Search Of RIVER PHOENIX: The Truth
Behind The Myth."; his editor Edward, who has
just moved to L.A. from Virginia. Edward has
been extremely generous providing transportation
for Claudio from Sardinia, Italy and myself to
and from all of these events.
Then there was Darren, from London, who
designs WebSites and writes screenplays like
the one he's still working on now: "FALL INTO
THE OCEAN" [and I can't remember the rest of
the title] which will be a movie biography
["biopic" Industry term] on River Phoenix.
A young lady also from England is Charley,
what a 'sweet-heart'!! And brains, and charm,
and witts, AND beauty--inside and out. Bill
and his lady companion [don't remember her name
off-hand]. And another woman whom I can't
remember her name but Barry knows her and
I probably met her with Barry, but it might
have been up around UCLA, too; not sure.
Then there were the two charming young
ladies from Japan. And I don't want to
misspell either of them, and only one name
of the two that I can remember [except that
they rhyme] Tomiko..
Driving around after we ate, we wound up
on the sidewalk outside the Viper Room on
Sunset looking over the River Phoenix memorial
of flowers, candles, photographs, notes, cards,
messages, and letters, and Claudio wanted to
take some more pictures of it. I guess he
and Edward or Barry had been there the night
before standing in the rain, and Claudio had
taken some shots then too.
FINALLY we come to:

DAY 3: We had decided ahead of time to meet
at the Viper Room at 9:00pm. When Edward,
Claudio and I got there and parked, we went
in to discover only a $10.00 cover (not
higher, like we'd expected) and -Surprise-
we weren't searched or carded either. After
we'd been there only a few minutes, in walked
Darren, Barry, and Charley. The music was
loud, but good. When we went outside [I still
have "the Viper Room" rubber stamped on the
back of my right hand as I type this] I almost
immediately ran into one of our KILL Radio DJ's
so we all know that the "good people" hang-out
at the Viper Room. The River memorial had a
couple of things missing and one or two added.
One of the additions I noticed was a small white
porcelain angel.
I'm not certain of the order of details here;
it's all kind-of run together {we were all having
a great time}. I guess we all went back in for
the next group set -- or maybe Barry and Claudio
missed the second set; I can't remember clearly.
Anyway, they were terrific and the 2nd. guitarist
was really crazy on the strings. God, what a
musician!.. At some point in here, Barry came
back into the club and retrieved me then Edward
to come back out onto the sidewalk and talk with
Brad of AcrossTheWay on his cellphone. He wasn't
feeling too well, and he had wanted to call us
earlier so we could all talk with him. He was
on ATW IM chat room right while we were all on
the phone with him. Like Barry, I can almost
see him sitting there with the phone propped
between his shoulder and his head and trying to
type into ATW IM Chat what's going on - on the
phone call. He must have been going nuttttsss!..
[By the way: THANK YOU, BRAD, again for all
your steadfast dedication to AcrossTheWay!..]
So after most of us had talked with Brad
(only Barry and Charley were still left outside)
we went back inside to resume our drinks and
find out what the third set group was all about.
WELLLllll; it's a group from San Francisco called
KARATE HIGH SCHOOL. and they put a
stack of their newest CD's on the edge of the
stage and invited the audience to come get one:
"The first one of you who comes up here and picks
up one of these CD's, I'm going to spit [either]
on it [or] right in your face!" They do (I guess)
a kind-of PUNK ROCK; loud, heavy, and hard. But
THEY'RE GOOD!!.. After their set, I stuck my head
back through the curtain and gave them "guaranteed
play" on KILL Radio. So even if the other DJ's
don't play them, I *WILL*!..
After the next set had begun, we decided to
leave and go get something to eat. We went to
"Red Rock" bar/restaurant --> and Karate High
School were there too. Took a picture of me and
had me log-in to their guest book mailing list;
and a little later, I enticed Paul to come over
to our table and ask some River questions if he
had any. Seems Paul's a Riv fan too. He replaced
and relit all the candles at the River memorial
outside the door. What a neat gesture. So Edward
gave him info on how to find ATW and he's going
to check it out.. [He'll probably join, intuition].
The food was GREAT!.. The beers at the Viper
were good (and COLD). Oh, yes; before I forget
it. While at the Viper, we finally got to take
over the booth where River and his entourage sat
that fatefull night.
The whole experience was one of (mostly) joy
and celebration [I shed a few tears a few times
thinking certain thoughts about a certain old
friend who died before he could get old]. But
I'm getting stronger because of it --> and THANKS
TO RIVER. In fact, I think we're ALL becoming
stronger because of our connection together
through Riv.
God bless River. God bless his sweet soul.
I *KNOW* he's in a better place!!. And God
bless all of ATW and all it's generous, giving,
sharing, helping, helpfull, understanding members.
[Without whom, some of us might not be here today.]

I told Claudio that I had written a short
memorial to River a few years ago; and when
I wrote it, I did not remember that the last
line of my memorial are the exact same words
used for the very last line of the film "Stand
By Me". I wrote it to use as an e-mail
'signature box' and I've just returned to that
signature now: you can read it below.

...River's love to all...
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EdwardSubjectRe: River Phoenix happenings in L.A.
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Hi again this morning!
It's a great story you wrote on our activities the last few
days. THANKS! I will add my reports today if I can.
Your signature lines about River did not come through on your
post, as you can see, so I will add them here if that's OK. I'm
snitching them from your private email to me this morning. They
really are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us.
It's been great to go with you and Claudio everywhere...


Here are the lines George wrote for River:

I cannot even bear the memory.
Yet now I turn to it.
He is gone; and all the times when he was there
seem like lost riches!
...I know I'll miss him forever...

> GEORGE wrote:
> I told Claudio that I had written a short
> memorial to River a few years ago; and when
> I wrote it, I did not remember that the last
> line of my memorial are the exact same words
> used for the very last line of the film "Stand
> By Me". I wrote it to use as an e-mail
> 'signature box' and I've just returned to that
> signature now: you can read it below.

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Dani The GirlSubjectRe: River Phoenix happenings in L.A.
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thank you both for sharing. those are beautiful words geo. save
them forever.
im glad u had so much fun last night. we appreciated the call. i
was in the chat. it was great. it makes it easier not being
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~* Marjie *~SubjectRe: River Phoenix happenings in L.A.
PostedMon, Nov 03, 2003 04:00PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hello George

Thank you very much ofr your message !!!
I'm really happy to read your message!
It's great.
Many Hugs
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AdiSubjectRE: River Phoenix happenings in L.A.
PostedMon, Nov 03, 2003 04:50PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Heya George!

Thank you very much for posting that account! I really, really REALLY
wish now that I could have come on down for all that! Grr! Heh!

But next year I shall, no matter what.

It's been too long since I put my iris on the sidewalk anyway. :-)

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