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We seem to be discussing River's addiction.
What addiction.
Does anyone have proof (not rumor) that River Phoenix was addicted to drugs?
Has anyone seen a signed statement from a licensed physician that River Phoenix
was addicted to drugs?
If none of us has seen such as document then we are repeating the same gossip
and rumor that nearly drove River crazy in the first place. That we know about
as absolute undeniable factual information.

SirenLad@a... wrote:

> From: SirenLad@a...
> In a message dated 5/31/99 12:25:07 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
> skyejelleybean@w... writes:
> << It is always the person who decides to do drugs who is responsible. And I
> want to add they are also responsible for deciding to get the help! I , like
> you, obviously
> don't blame anyone for River's OWN problems. And I've expressed that I also
> don't blame the fact that he had hippie parents and was not brought up like
> most of the world. All they could do is be there for him. But that's only if
> River had let them! >>
> As someone who is studying to be a social psychologist and as someone who
> also shares a love for River, I must jump into this discussion. We DO NOT
> live in a vacuum. Research on this subject does not lend itself to your
> conclusion that a person is solely responsible for their actions. The
> influence of others contribute to our decisions everyday. Those who are with
> us in our formative adolescent years are particularly important. From several
> accounts of River's family life, it is reasonable to conclude that his
> parents played a role in his drug addiction. To deny this is to deny reality.
> There were many warning signs. His addiction did not occur overnight and
> there were many instances where he reached out for help. There was none to
> be found. For this, his parents (particularly his mother) must accept some
> blame. I must go for now. I will write more later.
> Peace,
> Toy
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