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In a message dated 5/31/99 9:05:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
Socool2894@a... writes:

<< He killed himself. Sure people influenced him, but even if he was 15 he
should of been strong enough to make the right decision. >>

Unless you lived his life or closely observed it, I think it is a bit
disingenuous to make a judgment call about what he should have done or should
have been. This approach is over-simplistic and unfair to River.

Tash continues: "Some people escape their problems by running away, some
people escape by eating, some escape by watching tv, some people escape by
going on vacation, river's escape was drugs. Sure he did have problems, yet
he was a lot better off then a lot of people, some people's parents died and
they had no were to go, some people are so poor that they can't afford one
hamburger, some people are getting abused by their parents, and they all find
a mean of escape, some resort to drugs and some don't."

Again, I would argue that this line of reasoning is faulty and
unsophisticated. I do not mean this as a personal attack. What I am trying to
convey is that these thoughts do not take into account the complexity of the
situation, and furthermore, they lump River into a category of all the other
hurting people in the world assuming he was just too weak to deal with his
relatively insignificant problems when compared to all other suffering
people. You are not considering the possibility that drugs were one of
River's few options for escape. Perhaps he wasn't afforded a healthy
alternative. Perhaps he didn't feel as if anyone cared enough to help. He
deserves our compassion, not our judgment.

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