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In a message dated 5/28/99 5:47:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
riverjp@o... writes:

<< Someone here mentioned that Idaho brought River to drugs... Well, in my
own opinion River's problem was not that Gus Van Sant movie. River's problem
was his alcoholic father, he is out of space mother who thought that her son
was a savior, the fact the he had to be in movies from an early age in order
to bring money to the family and to all those so called friends who only hurt
him, if you know what I mean. Idaho was only one more step. Too bad he was so
breakable and he had to find an escape in drugs. >>

I agree Idaho may have contributed to his downfall, but so did several other
factors. The ones you have listed I believe are all valid, and much more
significant than his exposure to the drug culture in MOPI. The psychological
void that he tried to fill with drugs was there before the filming ever began.

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