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Sorta O/T? I don't know. Cedar Sinai Medical Center
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Dani The GirlSubjectSorta O/T? I don't know. Cedar Sinai Medical Center
PostedMon, Feb 02, 2004 08:40PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hey guys I thought I'd just share a story.
Last week, my dad had to go to the emergency room at Cedar Sinai.
Most of you probably know about this hospital because it was the one
they took River to in L.A. Anyways, I work across the street as a
volunteer and so I went to go visit him before I had to work. It's
been years since I've been in the actual section with patients, and
let me tell you, it was so hard to walk through there. For one
thing, I was scared for my dad (who is alright), but it really had
me thinking. I was born in that hospital and so was my mother. I
spent a lot of my life practically living in the hospital while my
grandparents were sick, so I don't really feel too bad when I go
through it. Eventually, both my grandparents from my mother's side
died there, as well as River. I don't mean to be morbid, but I sort
of felt like sharing the experience because I don't feel comfortable
talking about it with my family.
Anyways, I was walking around and thinking what a stange place a
hospital is, because people are born there and die there everyday.
I've visited the Viper Room, but going to the hospital shook me up
so badly. I had to sit down and just breath in and out to stop
myself from crying.
After work, I went to go see him again, and this time, I had to wait
in line to get passes for after visiting hours. There was a woman
in line with me and she was so upset because someone she knew had
just gotten very sick very quickly. I talked to her and helped her
calm down before she went up to the room. Honestly, I sort of think
I might have helped her, and I really thank River for that. Before
I "knew" him, I probably wouldn't have noticed her or gone out of my
way to comfort her because I'd be worried about my own situation.
Being there though, and feeling so overwhelmed by him, got me to do
something that I think he would have done. So, something sort of
nice came out of something really scary.
I really think it's important to live by these words "Run to the
rescue with love...and peace will follow." I hope I can encourage
everyone to see that there is always an opportunity to be kind and
it will make YOU feel so much better to help someone else out too.
take care
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EdwardSubjectRe: Sorta O/T? I don't know. Cedar Sinai Medical Center
PostedTue, Feb 03, 2004 03:10AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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DANIELA wrote:
> love
> daniela.

These are beautiful ramblings, Daniela, very touching. Thank-you for
sharing them.

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MonaSubjectRe: Sorta O/T? I don't know. Cedar Sinai Medical Center
PostedTue, Feb 03, 2004 06:20AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Thanks Daniela for sharing this story with us

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PostedTue, Feb 03, 2004 07:10AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hi Daniela,
Your story is so beautiful and touching.
Hospiatls are surely strange places. That's for sure.
Sometimes they bring us happiness, and other times they bring us bad luck.
My mother -in-law says she still feels nervous when she sees the
hospital where his husband died 12years ago.
Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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LiaSubjectRe: Sorta O/T? I don't know. Cedar Sinai Medical Center
PostedTue, Feb 03, 2004 07:40AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Dear Daniela,

I thank you for your words and for sharing your feelings with us. I
really don't like hospitals, too - my grandma was ill just one time,
she went to a hospital and never left it. This is about 20 years ago
now and I still feel sad and lonely when entering a hospital.

I don't know how to express my thoughts in english, especially when i
want to talk about your situation with the upset woman that you
calmed down. It's a kind of feeling proud and gifted and I'm still
sure that we all are so special and that we are blessed with the
peaceful spirit of River.
I can imagine the situation you were in like it happened right before
my eyes - you described it so colourful and emotionally. You made me
stop in what I was doing (working) and think some things over.

Thank you again for sharing this with us as well as to remind me from
Rivers quote.

I hope that your Dad is much better right now.

Have a good day!

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