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The Star Project
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sa0u11b2SubjectThe Star Project
PostedTue, Feb 03, 2004 09:46AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hello everyone!

After stumbling across your fantastic web page it reminded me just
how many people still feel a deep sense of loss with regards to
River. There is not a moment in my life that River does not appear
in. He remains in my heart, his memory still inspires me and his
sense of passion for the world still ensures I regoginse the
consequences my actions may mave before I act. River has always been
my Angel and I would not be the woman I am today without having a
fantastic role model like River.

However my message is not to share my admiration for River but to
express my shock over your discussions regarding a Star for River.
One must be reminded that River was only human and it was the stress
of the pressure to be more than human by the media that led to his
downfall and death. And yet dispite our great loss his fans continue
to hound his memory. River will always be remembered.
The star project and the letter intended to be sent to Heart Phoenix
are opposites to Rivers intentions, beliefs and wishes. I cannot
speak for a dead man yet we must remember Rivers intentions while he
was alive. River hated fame-it was performing that was his passion.
We must question what River would have said to his fans spending
$15,000 on a pointless paving slab when the money could be used to
support the many causes River himself supported. Do we really live
in a world where those who claim to respect River would waste such
sums of money? I feel that River, who did not care about being a
celebrity during his life, would be dissapointed at his fans for the
star project, i'm sure he would have said to give the money to
And we must remember that our loss and grief is no-where near the
amount that his family and friends endure daily. Must we continue to
bother his mother who has lost her son? River would not have wanted
his family to continue to suffer at the hands of his obsessed fans.
We must let River rest. We must live with the guidence he provided
for us. We must respect his wishes.
Ask yourselves what River would have wanted. Be stong! Our memories
will ensure he is not forgotten. I'm sure if you reach inside your
hearts and remember River you'll agree with me.

Take care
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HeleneSubjectRe: The Star Project
PostedTue, Feb 03, 2004 10:30AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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I know that not everyone in here supports the star project, and they
have the right to give us their opinion about it. But I found your
letter to be very disrespectful. You were saying that all of us were
disrespecting River and his family, and I know that we are not
disrespecting any of them in any way. We have all lost family
members or friends, and we know what it's like. My brother is
famous, too, and I do know that it's too much at times, but we do
not want to do this to plant River in all the Hollywood hype. I want
to plant the star there to celebrate his LIFE. Not to bring up all
the gossip and lies there were back then again.
YES, we could spend the 15,000 US Dollars on charity, but why can't
we do both? There are so many people in here who fights for the
world already, including myself. I'm doing everything I can to make
the world a more peaceful place.

Your post made me angry, because you walked in here and told us how
we disrespect River and his family, without knowing anything about
us. All we want is to celebrate his life, and also to let other
lonely River fans out there know that they're not alone. We are
spread around the world, and most of the times we have no one to
talk to about River. The other people who feels connected to River
are in another country, or in another state or town most of the
time. By giving him a star to celebrate his life, and to remember
all the good things he did... people would know they aren't alone...
is that disrespecting?

We can't spend all our money on charity, even though we feel like
doing so. It's called priorities. We choose to do both things.
I understand why people won't support it, I really do. But those
people don't have to tell the ones who support this project, that
they don't respect the Phoenixes.

I respect the Phoenixes with all my heart.

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SkotSubjectRe: The Star Project
PostedTue, Feb 03, 2004 04:10PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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hey sis

I remember saying a similar thing myself in another thread, it's
possible to do both, i think it's time we all stopped debating
whether its 'the right thing to do' because we'd be here all day,
but i think we should go ahead too hun. I know you've already got
the ball rolling and Hel you have my support and lots of other
Riverfriends, in the end, all we're doing, the ONLY thing we're
doing, is showing our appreciation to our beloved River, lets not
let this divide us as its been doing, and of course i know everyones
entitled to their own opinion but if this is gonna happen we need
unity, even if your sceptical at first, like i was, try and be
positive, and IF it fails then we'll think of other benefitial ways
to prolong Rivers' spirit in all of us. Thanks for your dedication
Hel, your an inspiration to us all...


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river_chrisSubjectRe: The Star Project
PostedTue, Feb 03, 2004 05:09PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hi K
I have to say that I totally desagree with your
opinion on the River star project but I do respecct
your point of view, but I dont think any of us can
really say, what River would have felt og thought,
because only he could knew that. If he was alive I
think he would be very touched and NEVER disapointed
at his fans, for the way they would honor him. Maybe
he didnt want fame, but I also believes that he knew
being a moviestar does make a person famous. I dont
think we waste money giving River a star. I think we
honor a person who meant so much for all of us, and
maybe by giving him a star people would see his name
and think of him and the good things that he stood
for, and then start caring for the same things he did
like the rainforest, animalrights a.s.o.
It has been seen before.
How many would have known of landmines, homeless and
aids, if they hadnt been supported by famous people
like Princess Diana. Its a fact that she did more for
the landmine issue in person than any country did in
campaigns, donation and media cover stories.
I belive that people will do the same thing in Rivers
case, and then he would have his star and the
attention of his supported charities. Maybe that
sounds naive to some people, but thats how i feel

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president of the river phoenix fan club
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Dani The GirlSubjectRe: The Star Project
PostedWed, Feb 04, 2004 08:50AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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i dont mean to be short but i have to go to school and i just wanted
to say something...
ok ok ok. there is so much discussion about this!! im glad that
everyone is pumped up on their opinions and i can understand both
sides. now, i'm going to give mine. it's simple.
no matter what, when it comes down to it, RIVER WAS AN ACTOR. he may
have been a lot of other things, but his occupation was an actor.
that's how most of us know him, because he was just so darn good,
that we were all moved. the star doesn't have to represent his
beliefs or a lost life, or ANYTHING like that. it should be there
(as this IS the original purpose of the star) to honor his talent AS
AN ACTOR- not a musician, humanitarian, or environmentalist. why
wouldn't he like the star? he put so much into his acting too. he
couldn't have hated it so much as "he wouldn't like the star" or he
wouldn't have acted for so long. its not like giving the star takes
away our other memories of him or the other side of his spirit. if he
really were to be "upset" by us doing that, i don't mean to be
disrespectful, but thats really too bad. he shouldnt have started in
the business in the first place. most people know him for his acting
anyways. and when people walk by it, the might see it and remember
him, yes, as an actor, but they would at least remember him. and
maybe they might go further to look him up or rent a movie and at
some point later, learn about all the other things he was/is.
ok thats all,
over and out
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