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Hello all,
I received the Indiana Jones DVD pack on my birthday (which I love
very much for many reason but also because River stars in Last
Crusade) and I was watching it now, I was watching the bonus material
- the making of the triology part and what they do for each film is
they say the original idea for the film, how they did it, they talk
about the actors and the different scenes and parts of the film.. and
they give making of scenes, the actors talk about the movie lots of
precious material if you are a fan. So I was kind of excited when I
got to the Last Crusade to know if they would talk about River and if
River would talk, etc So i got to the part and I was wonderfully
surprised not only did they talk about the scene, River talked about
it as well and Steven Spielberg talked about him and they had lots of
behind the scenes with him. I don´t know if anybody knew about this or
if it has already been talked about but I was very glad with it
because I am from portugal and i don´t usualy see anything about river
in the television and this is a great oportunity to see something
behind the movies. Any way if nobody as heard of it river talks about
how he wanted to do the part and also how he feels confortable in that
role since he has done previously a film with Harrison Ford then they
give some behind the scenes with him performing and rehearsing the
scenes and then Steven Spielberg expalins how he got the part which
was by Harrison Ford suggestion, Harrison said to Spielberg that River
was the young actor that looked more like him in that age . The
interview of River dates of 15 of Stember of 1988. Just tought you
would like to know about his.

Love, Margarida Ferreira


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