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The Passion of the Christ
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EdwardSubjectRe: The Passion of the Christ
PostedThu, Mar 11, 2004 11:50AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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And in all your jiggery pokery, you spelled all those words correctly!
HA! I think they are really Scott-words and you have been "hiding
your light under a bushel!" (That's an image from that book I didn't

(It's fun, teasing with you...)

> Yeah Edward words like: idiosyncrasy, ambiguous, deoxyribonucleic
> and jiggery pokery, etc long words like that, hehe hee
> scott
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MonaSubjectRe: The Passion of the Christ
PostedFri, Mar 12, 2004 05:30AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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You're very welcome Ellen! I think if people learn more about
different cultures each day it would really be great help to the
world but then again everyday we come home from work or school too
tired to do anything other than watch tv or read a book or something
like that. I really am trying to think of anyway in which learning
more about a different parts of the world would somehow blend in
with work or school.
I think I was just raised knowing about Christianity and the Western
part of the world more than you know about Islam or the Middle East,
I guess it's because I read American books and watch American TV and
sometimes meet American people, and we also learn about America at
school, actually I'm learing about Explorations to America now in my
social studies class...I know this is off topic for this thread, but
I was just wondering if the students in America learn anything at
all about the Middle East or Islam?
Just wondering...
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LiaSubjectRe: The Passion of the Christ
PostedFri, Mar 12, 2004 08:50AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hello my dear friends,

I don't want to add things to this discussion before I saw the movie.
But I found a fan-website (it seems to be the first one):

You may choose from 18 languages (english, German, latin (!),
aramaic, arabic, japanese, vietnamese, chinese, greek, croatian and
some more) and learn about the story, the actors, staff. See the FAQ
and there's also a discussion forum that I did not enter yet. Just
wanted to post this.

Love and peace

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