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'Stand By Us'. Dreamcatcher= Stand By Me.
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Jolein4/2/2004 6:10:01 AM
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JoleinSubject'Stand By Us'. Dreamcatcher= Stand By Me.
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Hey everyone!
Some weeks ago I bought the DVD of Dreamcacther. Because I was still
reading the book I waited to see the movie. So some days ago, when I
finished the book, I watched the movie. There was also special
features on it. And a interview with Stephen King. He mentioned Stand
By Me in it.
This is how it goes:

A clip...
Jason Lee as Joe 'Beaver' Clarendon:
This is our 20th year coming out here to Hole in the Wall. And fuck
me, Freddy, here's to 20 more.

Stephen King:
I don't think that it's by accident that when you see Dreamcatcher
there are scenes in that movie that call up Stand By Me because when
kids do something together that gives them a common memory they have
more of a tendency together. So I wanted to write a story about some
boys who had done something really extraordinary when they were
young. And together they have a secret. Something they've done that
they just don't talk about. A sort of psychic link, a psychic bond.

A clip...
Reece Thompson as young Beaver: Duds can hear people's thoughts. We
Mikey Holekamp as young Henry thinks: Are you sure of that, Beav?

I thought that maybe this was a nice fact to know, because we are all
(almost) a big fan of SBM!
Kisss Jolein

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phoenixe2000SubjectRe: 'Stand By Us'. Dreamcatcher= Stand By Me.
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Hey Jolein,

I just finished Dreamcatcher and some scenes remind me really very
strongly to Stand by me.
My best friend, who watched with me, said the same.
It was amazing!!!
Some moves did remind me too. And also a lot of spoken things.

Btw I found that movie good, but I expected more.
Anyway that movie was fantastic made.

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