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Hey everyone!
I really like to read and I'm a big fan of Virginia Andrews and
Stephen King. I also like to read other books. Is there someone who
is a fan of King and/or Andrews too? Now, there was one thing I would
like to know. Did someone read Siddharta by Herman Hesse? That book
is about something that has to do with River? He was named after the
river of this story, right? Can anyone tell me what this story is
about? Is it a good story? Please, tell me more about it!
Kisss Jolein

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NikkiSubjectRe: Siddharta
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Hi jolein! i have never read this book but all i know is that River
was definately named after this book. sorry i couldn't give u the
info u were looking for - Nikki x
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ArmandSubjectRe: Siddharta
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Siddhartha: Siddhartha is the novel's protagonist. He is the
Everyman with whose quest for enlightenment we are meant to
identify. Siddhartha begins the novel convinced that a life of
spiritual exercise and contemplation will led him to Nirvana.
Realizing the inadequacy of such a life, he turns to a worldly,
hedonistic life, which he also finds lacking. Eventually, Siddhartha
successfully synthesizes the lessons of thought and the lessons of
the senses and attains enlightenment.

Govinda: Govinda is Siddhartha's childhood friend. He is a foil to
Siddhartha, serving as a benchmark for the latter's progress toward
enlightenment. Govinda spends part I of the novel with Siddhartha
and then leaves to follow the Buddha. He reappears at points of
transition in Siddhartha's life, and is with Siddhartha at the
novel's end to learn his wisdom.

Goatama, or the Buddha: Goatama, his first name is Siddhartha, is
the historical founder of Buddhism. Although Siddhartha does not
follow Goatama as Govinda does, Goatama is the ideal toward which
Siddhartha strives. Goatama's presence also highlights the
importance of Buddhism and Indian religion/philosophy generally to
the novel.

Kamala: Kamala is the courtesan whom Siddhartha meets as he embarks
on his worldly life. She teaches Siddhartha the art of love and
represents the edifying aspect of a life of sensuous satisfaction.
Kamala bears Siddhartha a son who appears late in the novel.

Vasuveda: Vasuveda is the ferryman with whom Siddhartha lives for
the last third of the novel. He is a reticent and uneducated man,
but he is an excellent listener and teaches Siddhartha through
example. Most notably, Vasuveda teaches Siddhartha to listen to the
wisdom of the river, a wisdom which leads both Vasuveda and
Siddhartha to enlightenment

Kamaswami: Kamaswami is the merchant for whom Siddhartha works while
living in town. It is from the clever though impatient Kamaswami
that Siddhartha learns how to conduct business and concern himself
with money and material goods.

Young Siddhartha: Young Siddhartha is Siddhartha's son. He lives
with his father by the river when his mother Kamala dies. The boy is
stubborn and proud, like his father, and refuses to accept the
simple existence of a ferryman. Siddhartha loves the boy greatly and
is despondent when he runs away. This love represents Siddhartha's
last hurdle on his path to enlightenment.

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iammynaSubjectRe: Siddharta
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Hey Jolein!
I've read Siddhartha several months ago and Siddhartha tells about
the river, how beautiful it is,how much we can learn from it and that
it always flows but is also always there....
I'm sorry that I don't remember much at the moment,maybe I'll re-read
Take care,
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phoenixe2000SubjectRe: Siddharta
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I got that book once for my b-day, but still haven't read it.
But I really really must finally do that!

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