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D-Day - 60 years on
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Scott6/6/2004 4:20:00 PM
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ScottSubjectD-Day - 60 years on
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I was in awe at seeing all the survivers of the D-Day landings on
the tv today, they gave their today for our tomorrow. I saw a
millions of poppies dropped into the sea and the red white and blue
colours sprayed across the sky, i saw British veterans taking their
final opportunity to revisit the scene of the historic invasion.

About 250,000 died in the battle for Normandy which began on 6 June

Veterans marched under sunny skies past the leaders seated in
Arromanches to the theme music for the D-Day film The Longest Day.

In the words of UK Chaplain General, David Wilkes:

"Their lives were shattered by their experiences. We dare not


A prayer for the wild at heart in cages
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in_rioSubjectRe: D-Day - 60 years on
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Scott,thanks for posting it.I watched the D-Day and WW2 documentaries
on TV the whole night. My gratitude and respect to all who gave their
lives for the freedom many of us enjoy today.
Heres one comment I read on bbc which I wanted to quote:
As a veteran of the Resistance in France, I lived those days, sixty
years ago, and will never forget the day when the last SS men left
and the French flag was hoisted. This was, I think, the last war
which can be justified and it is absolutely illegitimate to use it
to justify aggressions whose motivations are to enlarge profits and
Gerhard Hoffmann, Vienna, SAustria

let us be aware of the history and donĀ“t repeat it again!

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AlisonSubjectRe: D-Day - 60 years on
PostedMon, Jun 07, 2004 06:50AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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The most important line in Scott's post:
"Their lives were shattered by their experiences. We dare not
And remember, PLEASE, everyone... the old man who holds you up in the
supermarket, or asks you endless questions or generally 'disrupts'
your day could be one of the men who made it possible for YOU to live
in your chosen country.
And... these men that killed people (because they had to) are
sometimes afraid to cross the street for fear of not being able to
move quickly enough and worry about being beaten up by young thugs -
possibly in their own home.
Spend a few minutes talking to them - ask them sincerely how they
are, and how was their day. They deserve at least that from us.
Sorry for rambling, it's a subject close to my heart.
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ArmandSubjectRe: D-Day - 60 years on
PostedMon, Jun 07, 2004 04:40PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Thanks so much for acknowleding this guys
I am thankful and in such admiration for each and every soldier who
fought for the liberation of Europe. To be unleashed into a hell on
earth, i cant even begin to imagine what they went through. Watching
it yesterday, the veterans lined up commemerating their friends and
being a real brotherhood was so moving. I know i wouldnt last five
minutes in such a war, and for those that went in, they are true
heroes i think .
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