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Gainesville Sun Newspaper River Articles
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RobinSubjectGainesville Sun Newspaper River Articles
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Hi everyone, I found two short River articles from the Gainesville
Sun Newspaper and thought that I'd post them. They are both written
by Bill DeYoung. Both of the articles feature the same picture of
River posing with a tree at Paynes Prairie State Preserve. The links
are kind of long and i'm not sure if they will come out right so I
will post the articles here.

When actor River Phoenix started showing up in Gainesville
nightclubs, people were surprised, but they got used to it. Phoenix
was just 18 when his family bought a ranch house on the northern edge
of Paynes Prairie in 1988, and within a few months he was a common
sight, just another ragamuffin hipster on the prowl among the
downtown beer joints and live-music clubs.

The Phoenix clan, including River's sister Rain (who played music
with River) and little brother Joaquin (then calling himself Leaf)
had moved to the area and made friends easily.

River, the star of "Stand By Me" and "Running on Empty," for which he
earned an Academy Award nomination in 1989, started his own band in
Gainesville, which he called Aleka's Attic, and by the turn of the
decade the group had played everywhere in town at least 10 times, and
Phoenix set his sights on a musical career to juxtapose against his
movie success.

He received an Academy Award nomination for "Running on Empty" in

As he got more successful as an actor, however, River spent more time
in Hollywood, and many of his films, including "My Own Private
Idaho," "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" and "The Thing Called
Love," necessitated putting Aleka's Attic projects on hold.

The band had broken up by the time River Phoenix died of an overdose
on a Los Angeles sidewalk on Halloween 1993, and the other members
eventually scattered to the wind.

Rain was one of the stars of Gus Van Sant's "Even Cowgirls Get the
Blues," and Joaquin left Alachua County for Hollywood in the mid-
1990s. In 2001, he was nominated for an Academy Award for his
portrayal of Commodus in the action film "Gladiator."

- Bill DeYoung

"River Phoenix, actor/musician" July 27, 2004
By Bill DeYoung

Although he was internationally well-regarded as an actor, music was
always close to River Phoenix's heart. When the Phoenix family moved
to Alachua County in 1988, River - the oldest of five children - set
about putting a band together.

For the last four years of his life, Aleka's Attic, as the band was
named, became the safe place to which River would retreat between
bouts of Hollywood and the movies. Aleka's Attic became just another
band that always seemed to playing downtown, and even though it
included a bona fide movie star - River got his "Running on Empty"
Oscar nomination while he lived here - soon people went to see the
band because the music River wrote and sang was actually pretty good.

River Phoenix was an intuitive actor; one reason the camera loved him
was his directness and apparent naturalness. He never seemed to be
anything other than the guy onscreen.

His drug-related death, at age 23 in 1993, therefore came as a shock
to those who knew him as a hard-working craftsman, dedicated fully to
his art in all forms.

Phoenix's legacy seems to be his younger brother Joaquin, whose
acting career has taken off in similar fashion. Joaquin - once known
as Leaf - still visits his mother and sisters at the family home just
this side of Micanopy.

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***Laura***SubjectRe: Gainesville Sun Newspaper River Articles
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Hi Robin,
Thanks for posting these articles, i enjoyed reading them

Take care

Laura xXxX
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