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Sad day for America and the world
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califtomSubjectSad day for America and the world
PostedWed, Nov 03, 2004 11:38PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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It looks as if the idiots have finally outnumbered the normal people
here in America. The extreme-rightwing religous crazies have not only
put moron Bush back in office, but given sweeping control to the
entire American congress. Some of the newly elected Senators are so
extreme conservative in their views its downright scary. The most
frightening thing of all, is that America is sitting on the world's
largest arsenal of weapons with people in powerful government
positions that are bordering on insanity. I fear not only for the
people of the middle east and here in America, but for the people all
over the world that will suffer as a result of the evil, corrupt
leadership that exists in America today. I have never been more
ashamed of my country.
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sineadSubjectRe: Sad day for America and the world
PostedThu, Nov 04, 2004 06:36AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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I am extremly dissapointed. Not only will this choice affect those
people who will have to live under the leadership of nothing less
than a mad man who seems to think that war is perfectly acceptable
as apparently violence is the only answer (I would like to see him
move away from his family and friends to fight and die in Iraq like
all those poor soldiers did ) but it affects the rest of the world.
Bush is the most powerful man in the world and since idiots like
Tony Blair like to suck up to him, it looks like the rest of the
world will suffer over the choice of people who are blind to the
destruction that Bush causes. I am ashamed to say that the people
have such leaders like Blair and Bush.
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SiIenceSubjectRe: Sad day for America and the world
PostedThu, Nov 04, 2004 07:10AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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> It looks as if the idiots have finally outnumbered the normal
people here in America. The extreme-rightwing religous crazies have
not only put moron Bush back in office, but given sweeping control
to the entire American congress. Some of the newly elected Senators
are so extreme conservative in their views its downright scary.

Hi there!

Im not sure how corrupt this election is/was. And Im not sure how
corrupt the last election was (I do think it was though). But I have
to say this:

- if there is no corruption, more than 50% of those who voted, voted
for Bush. This means that more than 50% of the american people (who
can vote) are right extrimists. They choose for Bush.
- if there was no corruption, Bush is then elected legally.

I find it all very sad. But I cannot stop thinking about the fact
that more than 50% voted for him. The American people has spoken
(thats how democracy works).

If I had voting rights in the US (which I dont, since I dont live
there and Im not American), I would vote for Karry, but I would
still approve that an election is an election. If I belong to the
other side, I just have to "throw in my towel".

I just hope Bush doesnt use his next 4 years to distroy his relation
ship with the rest of the world more than it already is. And lets
hope that the richest dont get richer without the poor also getting
more rich.

I feel with you and the "loss" that you have encountered the last
few days. However, what can you do about it?

In 4 years time you can of course help your fellow Americans to go
for an better alternative!
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califtomSubjectRe: Sad day for America and the world
PostedThu, Nov 04, 2004 12:12PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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well, I think the moral of the story here is that at least 50% of the
United States public are just plain stupid. How anyone can look at
what has transpired over the last 4 years here in America and still
vote for Bush is mindblowing. Even besides the absolute disaster in
Iraq which has claimed the lives of nearly 1,100 American troops and
100,000 Iraqi civilians, the job market here in America has been
terrible, healthcare costs have skyrocketed out of control, millions
of people have lost what healthcare coverage they had, gasoline
prices have hit record highs, energy costs have hit record highs, the
federal budget deficit has reached a record high of nearly half a
trillion dollars and the administration won't even allows seniors to
import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada. ALL after Bush
inherited a healthy economy with the largest budget and social
security surplus in the nation's history. The American public for
some reason seems perfectly willing to vote against their own best
interests in favor of whoever hates gay people and loves guns the
most. This is a very ugly time in American history.
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Betty BoopSubjectRe: Sad day for America and the world
PostedThu, Nov 04, 2004 01:40PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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>This is a very ugly time in American history.

Well Thomas, and all, let's not make it any uglier, so he won round
one, he didn't last time, he was appointed and he didn't have the
popular vote, and we can't change the election now, but we can go
forward~ More democrats came out to vote this year in record
numbers. Bush played it well, he got under the skin of the self-
righteous and the other "real believers" using his talk of morals
and faith... which was quite ridiculous with the blood this man has
on his hands... You have the right to be sad, but then get back in
the game and put that energy into 5th gear. Whether you can
actually see it, or feel it, or not, there is a real strong
movement going on in this country--and for what? For CHANGE. I'm
not ready to give up on North America. I posted on another thread
something that I will copy and post here as well. This might seem
like a tragedy, but nobody knows the outcome, the ending--like Kerry
said, hope is what is out there and the real tragedy would be if you
and millions of others lose that hope. Don't look at this as a
defeat, change has to happen and you have to believe the citizens
will unite and make that happen. A divided house cannot stand, a
divided house will fall, and we've never been more divided than we
are right now. Americans are NOT ready to lose their FREEDOM if it
comes down to a choice of FREEDOM, their lifestyles--or Bush. The
time WILL come. Good can come from tragedies... Bush just might
UNITE all of us through his continued secret, under the table, dirty
deeds. I posted some "hope" below from a similar thread:

Are you ready to say screw this country and buy a one-way ticket
north? If you are, here are some reasons to stay in the belly of
the beast:

1. How about the rest of the world? After the February 2003 antiwar
protests, the New York Times described the global peace movement as
the worlds second superpower. Their actions didn't prevent the
war, but protestors in nine countries have succeeded in pressuring
their governments to pull their troops from Iraq and/or withdraw
from the so-called coalition of the willing. Antiwar Americans owe
it to the majority of the people on this planet who agree with them
to stay and do what they can to end the suffering in Iraq and
prevent future pre-emptive wars.

2. People Power can TRUMP Presidential Power. The strength of
social movements can be more important than whoever is in the White
House. Here's an example: In 1970, President Nixon supported the
Occupational Safety and Health Act, widely considered the most
important pro-worker legislation of the last 50 years. It didn’t
happen because Nixon loved labor unions, but because union power was
strong. Stay and help build the peace, economic justice,
environmental and other social movements that can make change.

3. The great strides made in voter registration and youth
mobilization must be built on rather than abandoned.

4. Like Nicaraguans in the 1980s, Iraqis Need U.S. Allies. After
Ronald Reagan was re-elected in 1984, progressives resisted the urge
to flee northwards and instead stayed to fight the U.S. government’s
secret war of arming the contras in Nicaragua and supporting human
rights atrocities throughout Central America. Iraq is a different
scenario, but we can still learn from the U.S.-Central America
solidarity work that exposed illegal U.S. activities and their
brutal consequences and ultimately prevailed by forcing a change in

5. We can't let up on the Free Trade Front Activists who have held
the Bush administration at bay on some issues. On trade, opposition
in the United States and in developing countries has largely blocked
the Bush administrations corporate-driven trade agenda for four
years. The President is expected to soon appoint a new top trade
negotiator to break the impasse. Whoever he picks would love to see
a progressive exodus to Canada.

6. Barak Obama! YES! His victory to become the only African-
American in the U.S. Senate was one of the few bright spots of the
election. An early opponent of the Iraq war, Obama trounced his
primary and general election opponents, even in white rural
districts, showing he could teach other progressives a few things
about broadening their base. As David Moberg of In These Times puts
it, Obama demonstrates how a progressive politician can redefine
mainstream political symbols to expand support for liberal policies
and politicians rather than engage in creeping capitulation to the
right. We got your back...Obama! This man is a light for us!

7. Say so long to the DLC. Barry Goldwater suffered a resounding
defeat when he ran for president against Lyndon Johnson in 1964, but
his campaign spawned a conservative movement that eventually gained
control of the Republican Party and elected Ronald Reagan in 1980.
Progressives should see the excitement surrounding Dean, Kucinich,
Moseley Braun, and Sharpton during the primary season as the
foundation for a similar takeover of the Democratic Party.

8. 2008. Dr. Evil is entering his second term facing an escalating
casualty rate in Iraq, a record trade deficit, a staggering budget
deficit, sky-high oil prices, and a deeply divided nation. As the
Republicans face likely failure, progressives need to start
preparing for regime change in 2008 or sooner. Remember that Nixon
was re-elected with a bigger margin than Bush, but faced impeachment
within a year.

9. Americans are "Not All Yahoos", OK? Although I wouldn't attempt
to convince a Frenchman of it right now, many surveys indicate that
Americans are more internationalist than the election results
suggest. In a September poll by the University of Maryland,
majorities of Bush supporters expressed support for multilateral
approaches to security, including the United States being part of
the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (68%), the International Criminal
Court (75%), the treaty banning land mines (66%), and the Kyoto
Treaty on climate change (54%). The problem is that most of these
Bush supporters weren’t aware that Bush opposed these positions.
Stay and help turn progressive instincts into political power. We
can do this...yes, yes, yes! Look, this election was very close,
people are getting passionate again, people know they have to work
to bring about change, they are not "sleepers"'s not
handed to us, and we can't give up and stop working for change...
that's exactly what they want us to do.

10. And last but not least...Winter. Average January temperature in
Ottawa: 12.2F. :O Holy beach balls, I'd really miss the Sunshine

SAY, here's to a NEW DAY~ so STAY and don't SWAY~ OK? I will always
believe HOPE is still on the WAY.

P.S. Listen I'm just an extreme optimistic person, or else it's the
glue! :*
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