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Flea news
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JuliaSubjectFlea news
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Hey, I don't know if you've already heard it, but Flea is engaged now
to Frankie Rayder.

I also want to share a story with you. Flea gave me a good advice when
I was in New Zealand and I want to thank him for that. People were
talking shit behind my back about that I was pregnant, because I read
something on a plane about a pregnant teenie and the rumour spread
that I had said on plane "she's pregnant", but I never did...

Anyways, he said in an email to me: "I know that it sucks when people
talk shit behind your back (I've had my share of those) but you just
ignore them and continue on with your life (you really should not
listen to me because,you know, I'm just a bit crazy)

But anyway take care and remember to ignore the shit-talkers."

Just wanted to share.

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in_rioSubjectRe: Flea news
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Yea, I read that Flea´s engaged too and a rumour saying that Flea´s
going to become dad again. I will be happy for Flea if it´s true.
Flea seems to be such a big loving guy! By the way, have you heard of
Clara´s band the tints? They are going to play in ATP festival in
England this April. The festival is organised by Vincent Gallo. John
will probably be there too. I wish I could visit the festival.:'(

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JennieSubjectRe: Flea news
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Aww that's great,good for him! Congratulations Flea.
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