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sinead2/4/2005 5:18:01 PM
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It turns out a free French class is a perfect setting for
inspiration lol, this isn't that good, but I've never pretended to
be good at poetry lol.

I know you're still here, never gone.
But some can't see, it's all so wrong.
I wish I could have told you everything,
To hear your laugh, or watch you sing.
But God wanted us to be apart.
He knew your destiny from the start.
I know you're in peace in the sky.
I know I'll meet you when I die.
How long will that be? Can I wait?
I hate that I don't know, I hate your fate.
If God's so great, why'd he take the man?
The man who fought to take a stand?
But one tree's saved, an animal's life new,
All because he changed one person's view.
You didn't know what it was like to be old.
For unseen miseries came untold.
In the moon's light they stole you away,
I wish we could have helped you before that fateful day.
Never telling that something wasn't right
If we'd have known, you might have lived that night.
Risen so fast, fallen faster when the truth was told,
When we realised what we'd done, our whole hearts turned cold.
But I can think of you and allow a smile,
At least you were here, if only a while.

Most of it I actually wrote there now lol, talk about inspiration
lol thanks for reading

love and peace

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JuliaSubjectRe: Poem
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That's a great poem, sinead. I love it.
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Sarah.SubjectRe: Poem
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Sinead face it - you're a poet!
Get writing some more!

rio 4 ever
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