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RIVER'S STAR: Not This Time
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EdwardSubjectRIVER'S STAR: Not This Time
PostedFri, Jul 01, 2005 08:20PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hi RiverFriends!
It almost breaks my heart to tell you that River has not been
awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
The decision was made on June 20, although the star awards were
not announced until this morning (July 1) in Los Angeles. There is
never any "reason why" given either for awarding a star or for not
awarding a star, so we don't know what the committee's rationale was.
However, River's merits are just completely beyond question, so the
only things I can think of are the fact that this was River's first
nomination, and that those who WERE awarded posthumous stars had
their names submitted long ago. There are, after all, hundreds of
performers nominated every year.
It is also possible that there was something deficient in the
nomination petition itself, which would mean that I had made some
mistake which made the nomination invalid. I don't think so, of
course; I followed every rule to the letter as far as I am aware, but
I will contact the Chamber to see if I can make sure that the
nomination is acceptable as it is. Assuming that River's nomination
papers are in order, he will AUTOMATICALLY be considered again next
year without our having to resubmit the nomination, so I want to make
as sure as possible that everything is as it should be with that

I also want to put everyone at ease about possible bigotry among
the Walk of Fame committee members. Last year, a posthumous star was
awarded to Freddie Prinze who died of drugs when he was only 23 plus
one week. I feel sure that River is not being slighted because of his
age or his death.

If I find that there is any problem with the nomination papers
for River, I'll find out how to correct it. However, if everything is
all right with the nomination itself, we'll just hang on tight till
next year. Sooner or later River WILL have his star. Don't you doubt

The official press release about the awards is copied below for
those who are interested. Most of you may not know the two men who
were awarded posthumous stars this year, so I'll tell you that
Leonard Goldenson was a telervision pioneer from the 1940s and 1950s
and later became the head of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).
Jack Cassidy was a singer, an "Irish tenor" known mostly for his
concert performances. He did make several recordings, however, and
performed occasional non-singing roles in various television series
as well. Until his death in a fire (in the late 1970s, I believe), he
was married to actress and singer Shirley Jones. His three sons,
David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy and Patrick Cassidy are all actors, and
David and Shaun are singers as well. David is especially remembered
for his role as Keith Partridge in the television series, "The
Partridge Family" in which he co-starred with his stepmother, Shirley

I will certainly let you know if there was anything wrong with
the way I submitted the nomination...and I'll let you know if there
wasn't, as well. So many RiverFriends have put so much heart into
this that I want to say again that it WILL happen; River will get his

Love to River and to All of Us!


Fair of face and form, and fair of heart;
Ageless Wisdom born as Ageless Youth;
He walked within us, every sacred part;
In his eyes and mouth the taunt of Truth.
He spread his fire across our darkest skies,
He shed his light upon our darkest roads...

* * * * * * * * * * *


A new group of entertainers in motion pictures, television,
radio, live theater and recording have been selected to receive stars
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. These individuals were chosen from
among hundreds of nominations to the committee at a meeting held June
20, and ratified by the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

The Walk of Fame recipients for the year 2006 are:

MOTION PICTURES: Annette Bening, Matthew Broderick, Holly Hunter,
William Hurt, Nathan Lane, Steve Martin, Charlize Theron

TELEVISION: Jim Hill, Judge Judy (Judith Sheindlin), David Milch,
Robert Osborne, Ray Romano, Vanna White

RECORDING: Lou Adler, Alejandro Fernandez, Motley Crue, Isaac Hayes

LIVE PERFORMANCE: Shecky Green, Milt and Bill Larsen

RADIO: Dan Avey, Mark and Kim, Wink Martindale

POSTHUMOUS: Jack Cassidy (Live Performance), Leonard Goldenson

"Each name on this list will bring much happiness to our
residents and tourists from around the world. Their installation
ceremonies and permanent memorializing on the Walk of Fame will
generate excitement for all visiting this iconic landmark," stated
Johnny Grant, Chairman of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Honorary
Mayor of Hollywood.

All recipients have up to five years to schedule a ceremony date and
all confirmed ceremonies will be posted on
as soon as they are set.

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AlisonSubjectRe: RIVER'S STAR: Not This Time
PostedSat, Jul 02, 2005 01:00AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Thank you Edward, for all your hard work & dedication.
What is meant to be, will be.
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Sarah.SubjectRe: RIVER'S STAR: Not This Time
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Don't worry Edward - you tried your hardest! As Alison said, when it
is meant to be, it will be.
Who knows? Maybe River didn't want a star!
On the brightside, I am pleased to see Holly Hunter was awarded a
star. Her performance in THIRTEEN completely blew me away.
But...Judge Judy??!!
She does nothing but scream at people and play up to the cameras!!
Maybe it is better that River will be awarded a star later on,
amongst more worthy candidates!
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ScottSubjectRe: RIVER'S STAR: Not This Time
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Not to worry everyone, he will get one, just not this time, and when
he does, we'll all be there to witness it

In Rio


A prayer for the wild at heart in cages
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sineadSubjectRe: RIVER'S STAR: Not This Time
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Thank you endlessly for all the hard work you, and others put into
nominating Riv. It means a lot.

Aw well, all is not lost. We have next year, and the next, and the
next, and we'll keep going until he does get one. He deserves it!!

Thanks again

love and peace
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