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Hello Everyone!
I Haven't expressed my views yet about a star for River on the Hollywood
Walk Of Fame but would like to thank Barry for his time in going to the
Chamber Of Commerce and finding the information out for us and reporting
back. Thanks Barry! O.k my views are like this- I think a star is a good
idea because River has never been honored with a star and does deserve
credit for his acting abilities. As far as the causes River believed in
and honoring him that way it obviously meant very much to River that we
honor those causes every single day in whatever way we are able. So, to
me a star for River would be a once in a life time chance to express as
fans how much we enjoyed his talent as an actor and how much we love him
as a person. It is certainly going to take some effort to get this
accomplished. But I think River deserves it. Because it show as fans
just how much an actor/actress is respected for us to voluntarily
nominate them. To give an example it's not like a People's Choice awards
show where a ballot to vote from is already drawn up for us to decide
from. WE are choosing River ourselves and taking the time as Barry did
to find out what needs to be done. I feel it would greatly touch River
to know he meant so much and to know people grouped together for the
cause of doing this purely out of love and respect for him and his
talent. I think a star is worth shooting for. At least we know we tried
even if it never happens. I've heard Rio was a man of action believing
that actions speak louder than words. So, let's be people of action
ourselves! That includes trying for the star and or honoring River for
the causes he believed in and that were close to his heart. No matter
what you choose. Love and Peace ~ Skye

" I've learned that if you can't get it all together and accomplish this
thing called 'peace' you at least do your part in your own life, because
that's where you can make an immediate difference." River Phoenix
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