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I've tried to get my point across twice before, but nobody seems to get it so
this is my last try. I wrote ONE letter giving my opinion on the star and
making another suggestion. This is why I don't understand why, Tash, you
keep responding with "give your money where you want and we'll give ours
where we want." I'm not disagreeing with that. Of course everybody is going
to do with their money what they want. I've been giving to Peta for 10
years, and I'll continue to do so. My other 2 letters had nothing to do with
whether or not the "star idea" is a good one. They had to do with two
comments Barry made that upset me. The first being, "if you don't want to
participate fine but don`t complain about it." I took this personally since
only one other person besides me expressed concern over the idea. Forgive me
if I don't nod politely and shut my mouth because Barry wants me too. And
forgive me for daring to express an idea that was different from his. The
other comment that I didn't like was, "We especially noted how Riv was so
good at getting people together, and how he hated arguments, and bickering
between people." How dare you use River's name against me. And again I took
this personally because I was one of the only ones with a different opinion
than yours. I wasn't aware that people weren't allowed to throw around
different ideas and that that would be considered an argument. I also don't
think that River was the kind of person who lived by the rule "go along with
the crowd or shut your mouth." That's just the feeling I got from him just
from being a fan and from having been lucky enough to be in his presence
once. But then maybe I should defer to Barry on this one since he seems to
know better than most what River would have wanted, what he felt, and what he
believed in. I'm sorry I forget. How many years did you know him for Barry?
Anyway, at first I decided to unsubscribe from this list because I didn't
want to be in a place where opinions weren't respected and conformity was
encouraged. But then I decided I wasn't going to let somebody else be the
deciding factor of whether or not I stay. So instead, anytime I get a letter
written by "the colonel," I'll just hit delete. Because, Barry, if you can't
respect other people's opinions then I sure can't respect yours.
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