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Please people, give Michele a break.


clayton98@w... wrote:

> Michele, get a grip, you are not the only person writing to this list
> and the remarks have not been "directed" to you as you seem to think. In
> fact Tash said specifically in her letter to you that you were intited
> to your opinion. And Berry said in his letter that he was sitting with
> Willian Richert on his birthday when they were saying to each other,
> that they were reminded how Rio did not like people arguing. Thats all.
> then you turn around an think everything is directed at you.let me tell
> you they are not . Just read again what tash and Berry said.
> let them have their opinion & stop being so sensitive and move on. no
> ones` aginst you. i like the idea of a park, but I`m not going to
> prevent those who want a star to try to get one-good luck.
> Clay
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> Subject: [acrosstheway] My Last Post On This Subject
> Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 07:56:36 EDT
> From: ALEKA5@a...
> Reply-To: acrosstheway@o...
> To: acrosstheway@o...
> From: ALEKA5@a...
> I've tried to get my point across twice before, but nobody seems to get it so
> this is my last try. I wrote ONE letter giving my opinion on the star and
> making another suggestion. This is why I don't understand why, Tash, you
> keep responding with "give your money where you want and we'll give ours
> where we want." I'm not disagreeing with that. Of course everybody is going
> to do with their money what they want. I've been giving to Peta for 10
> years, and I'll continue to do so. My other 2 letters had nothing to do with
> whether or not the "star idea" is a good one. They had to do with two
> comments Barry made that upset me. The first being, "if you don't want to
> participate fine but don`t complain about it." I took this personally since
> only one other person besides me expressed concern over the idea. Forgive me
> if I don't nod politely and shut my mouth because Barry wants me too. And
> forgive me for daring to express an idea that was different from his. The
> other comment that I didn't like was, "We especially noted how Riv was so
> good at getting people together, and how he hated arguments, and bickering
> between people." How dare you use River's name against me. And again I took
> this personally because I was one of the only ones with a different opinion
> than yours. I wasn't aware that people weren't allowed to throw around
> different ideas and that that would be considered an argument. I also don't
> think that River was the kind of person who lived by the rule "go along with
> the crowd or shut your mouth." That's just the feeling I got from him just
> from being a fan and from having been lucky enough to be in his presence
> once. But then maybe I should defer to Barry on this one since he seems to
> know better than most what River would have wanted, what he felt, and what he
> believed in. I'm sorry I forget. How many years did you know him for Barry?
> Anyway, at first I decided to unsubscribe from this list because I didn't
> want to be in a place where opinions weren't respected and conformity was
> encouraged. But then I decided I wasn't going to let somebody else be the
> deciding factor of whether or not I stay. So instead, anytime I get a letter
> written by "the colonel," I'll just hit delete. Because, Barry, if you can't
> respect other people's opinions then I sure can't respect yours.
> Michele
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