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Hi Michelle.
Okay I think that some people are being a little to hard on barry, and
others are being too hard on michelle. REMBER, if you just stop this thing on
focasing wether one idea is stupid or onther, on this list, we recpect all
opinions. michelle, if barry dislikes your opinions, that does not mean you
have to stoop down to his level, and disagree with his, and he wasnt even
dissing your idea in the first place. i am completly lost in this thing. like
i want to say again. "you can put your money into your ideas, and barry into
his" i just wanted to make that point again. so lets stop the arguing here,
and lets focas on RIVER, thats what this list is about isn't it? see write
now michelle, you are (now dont take this the wrong way, but i am sure barry
did the same thing to you earlier) is bashing barry. now barry hasnt
comlained about you or said anything to you, untill like 2 weeks ago, that
was far away, instead of telling barry off, just focas on your plan for
collecting money for peta. that way you can focas more on a positive
attitude. write now, barry is doing good, cause he is focasing on collecting
money for the star, and he is improving.
anyways bye,take care
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