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~Susan K9/6/1999 9:00:19 PM
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In a message dated 9/6/99 12:34:12 PM Central Daylight Time,
riverjp@o... writes:

The last few months I follow the pagan path and here is something
interesting you might want to know about 31 October. Okay, River died on
31 October and according to Wicca at 31 October is Samhain. Here it is :
the Wicca say farewell to the GOD. He isn't wrapped in eternal darkness
but readies to be reborn of the Goddess at Yule. (Feast Of The Dead).
Samhain is the time of reflection, of looking back over the last year,
Well, I think that a GOD like River could only died on that date. I just
think you shouldn't have hurried to go.


PS: I have no means to offend anyone by posting something related to a
religion. I just posted some infos of what happens on River's death day.
Please, don't get the wrong idea ^_^
Take care all!
This sucks because October 31st is my birthday. I hate ruining my birthday. I
hate Halloween anyways because i just think its a gross holiday and everyones
always made fun of me and said i was a witch or devil or whatever since it is
my birthday. I wish i could just devote the day to River and cry and forget
about everything else, but that ruins my birthday, so i don't know what to do.
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