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It's Me!!!!
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sineadSubjectIt's Me!!!!
PostedSat, Oct 01, 2005 03:44PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Everyone was posting their pictures a while back, asides from me. So
I've decided to get on the bandwagon, a few stops too late and show
you the mess that they call Sinead.

[An attachment of type "image/jpeg" was included here]
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VivianaSubjectRe: It's Me!!!!
PostedSat, Oct 01, 2005 08:20PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Sinead you are very pretty! beautiful photo girl!

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JuliaSubjectRe: It's Me!!!!
PostedSun, Oct 02, 2005 04:47AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hey Sinead, you're very pretty and I like your hair cut loads!
Take care.

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Lynz PhoenixSubjectRE: It's Me!!!!
PostedSun, Oct 02, 2005 07:30AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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>Click here to view attachment

You guys, miss Tolan here thinks she is a mess and I know full well
that this photo wasnt just luck, Sinead is actually BEAUTIFUL and she
will not admit it because she is stupid :P

Sinead god dammit shut the hell up with all the 'im a mess' stuff
because we quite blatantly can see that youre not a mess and your
obviously fantastic looking - if you dare say ONE MORE WORD against
yourself then there will be an angry british girl at your door and
hell to pay *punch punch*



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Peace and Love!
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ScottSubjectRe: RE: It's Me!!!!
PostedSun, Oct 02, 2005 08:10AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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I concur with Lynz

Oh la la


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