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VIPER ROOM October 31
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EdwardSubjectVIPER ROOM October 31
PostedTue, Nov 01, 2005 05:00AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Here is an addendum to last night's report.
When I was arranging the tributes at the Viper Room last night
(Sunday), I realized that two of them were missing: Mikki's and
Revecca's. I thought I had them all togetrher, and I did not know
where I might have lost them. I was SO sure I had everything all
together in a single large envelope that I did not even check it
before I left
Suffice to say, though, that I did find them this afternoon
(Monday), and decided to take them to the Viper Room and leave them
if there were any other memorials still there. A promose is a
promise, and I felt so bad about leaving Rebecca's and Mikki's
tributes behind!
At the same time, today's mail brought a tribute from Pietro, a
beautiful hand drawn picture of River in black and white, but with
eyes colored green. So I set out for the Viper Room and found lots
of memorials still there. Maybe that's not quite correct; I didn't
recognize anything Daniela and I took last night, but more tributes,
from other fans, had been left today. I was so glad.
MIKKI, REBECCA and PIETRO, your beautiful tributes are lying at
the door of the Viper Room amid many more from many others. I only
regret that I did not have a camera so you could see them there.
Perhaps these troubles were worth it though because of what I
found out when I got to the Viper Room tonight. Until last year, the
club always closed on October 30 and 31...not to honor River, but so
their patrons would not have to fight the crowds of fans that gather
on the street. Last year they did not close for the first time since
River died. Johnny Depp has occasionally mentioned River in
interviews, but to the best of my knowledge, the club has never
officially acknowledged River in any way.
Tonight, though, there was a sign on the Sunset Blvd door and
another on the wall above the tributes:
"In honor of River Phoenix and for all those who are fighting
drug and alcohol addiction, the Viper Room will give a portion of
its revenues to CRI-HELP."
I was really amazed and almost shocked. Twelve years after he
died, River Phoenix's name is on the door of the Viper Room. I'm
guessing that they are only giving money from Sunday night's shows,
but however much or little that may be, finally River is being
acknowledged by the club, and they are giving money in his name to
others. To me, this is a great gain and a great step forward.
I wouldn't have known about it if I had not forgotten Rebecca's
and Mikki's tributes last night, or if Pietro's had not come in this
afternoon. I'm glad to share this with everyone now though.

if you are interested in the group the Viper Room will contribute to.


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MyTie'sUndoneSubjectRe: VIPER ROOM October 31
PostedTue, Nov 01, 2005 06:30AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Thanks so much for posting about the sign at The Viper Room
yesterday. That made my heart smile.

Isn't Cri-Help where Corey Feldman sought and found help for his
addiction? Kind of ironic when you think about it....

Thanks again, Edward. You've made my day.

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Kelly PSubjectRe: VIPER ROOM October 31
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I'm so glad they did this,good for them.Thanks for letting us
know.Take care

Run To The Recuse With Love And Peace Will Follow
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Sarah.SubjectRe: VIPER ROOM October 31
PostedTue, Nov 01, 2005 07:10AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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That's real nice of them, it was also nice for you to take the left-
behind tributes and confessing instead of just lying and saying they
were there. Heart of gold
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ladygirl75SubjectRe: VIPER ROOM October 31
PostedTue, Nov 01, 2005 09:28AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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WOW this is amazing.
12 years later and They still remember River and do something
You just make my day happy, Edward.

And it's very nice of you to telling us this.
and one thing...Is very great to know that more tribute's left for
I was thinking like "are you the only one who put here letters,
flowers or candles? But now I know this that People all from the
world do something for him.

Take care

When you look in his eyes, you see Heaven.
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