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kind of important
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slayer_nobodySubjectkind of important
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i tried posting this earlier, but it didn't seem to work, so i'm
trying again...
does anyone know anything about the "star project," the attempt to
get a star for river on hollywood's walk of fame? if possible,
please let me know what's going on with that, if anything, and what i
can do to contribute. after all, he deserves it.


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ladygirl75SubjectRe: kind of important
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I am so piss off because I saw in the news that Destiny Childs get
the star...Man come on...River Phoenix was an actor who did a great
job.....Why they don't give him that he already deserved

When you look in his eyes, you see Heaven.
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JenniferSubjectRe: kind of important
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Is there some sort of website for this star project??? I cant
believe he didnt get a star.

Jennifer from NY
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R i o L o v eSubjectRe: kind of important
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I know that some people had something planned to try to get River a
star but I don't know how it's going or if they still are. Edward I
would think would know more about this.

And I think it's just ridiculous that River still doesn't have one.
Look at his work man, he was amazing. And you see cats like Ryan
Seacrest have one. How much sense does that make? He hosted a
freaking talk show. Anyway, River definetley deserves one and I hope
he does indeed get one.

My one Love.
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EdwardSubjectRe: kind of important
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Yes, I know about the Star Project because I am acting as its
hands and feet since I live in Los Angeles. So many RiverFriends are
the real heart of the project though.
Ladygirl, please don't be angry at others who have gotten stars
when River has not. Only about 25% of the stars are awarded to
entertainers who have died...and NO stars are awarded without fans
making a nomination through specific channels first. The Walk of
Fame Committee does not make arbitrary choices out of nowhere.

I prepared all the papers and took them to the Walk of Fame
Committe last May (2005). River was not awarded a star this time so
his nomination rolls over to this year. Another decision will be
made by the Committee in June of this year.
If he is awarded a star this time, that will be GREAT! If not,
we will go through the nominating process again. There is nothing
more for us to do until after the announcement to be made by July 1.

I am enclosing the text of the nomination we have made for
River. I prepared it EXACTLY according to Walk of Fame instructions.
I am also enclosing a follow-up letter I wrote to ATW as well.


LANA wrote:
> does anyone know anything about the "star project," the attempt to
> get a star for river on hollywood's walk of fame?


From June 4, 2005:

I've finally finished the Nomination Letter for River's Star on
the Walk of Fame in Hollywood.
It took more time than I expected, but is shorter than I had
intended. A review of the nomination directions made it clear
that "less is more" for the committee.
There is a form to be filled out, and a photo must be
attached...then they want a couple of
paragraphs of biography and comments about River's contributions to
film and to "the community." Last item is a list of awards.
Here I have included only the original paragraphs I wrote and
the awards list. I have cut
and pasted this material. The format may be somewhat different from
the originals sent to the committee.

I hope you all find it we all hope that the Walk
of Fame committee decides to award River the star he deserves.
Thank-you for allowing me to do this for River and for all of
us. and a special, huge THANK-YOU to Helene for getting permission
from Heart Phoenix for us to do this.



Lauded throughout his career for the depth and sensitivity
of his acting in a variety of roles, River Phoenix has been
characterized as "raising the algebra of James Dean to the level of
calculus." Others have suggested that his portrayal of a gay street
hustler in "My Own Private Idaho" (1991) singlehandedly changed
Hollywood's perception of gay men, making possible their dramatic
presentation in mature and human ways rather than as the marginal
stereotypical characters which had been their ordinary lot.
Born in Oregon in 1980 to hippie parents, Phoenix spent
much of his early life in Venezuela where his parents were
missionaries with the religious cult, The Children of God. Returning
to the United States in 1978, the family eventually found its way to
Hollywood where River sang on the streets with his sister, Rain,
prior to being discovered for commercials and then for the
series, "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers." His film career began
an award-winning performance in "Explorers" in 1985, and continued
until his death in 1993. Over that period of eight years, River
Phoenix won, or was nominated for, twelve major acting awards.
Critics, both lay and professional, continue to marvel at
the depth of his talent and
wonder about the source of his uncommonly powerful and intimate
connection with viewers, a connection which is extending itself to
more and more people even now, twelve years after his death.
River Phoenix's career-long advocacy of nuclear
disarmament, human rights, environmentalism and animal welfare
continues to cause people to change their attitudes, their behavior,
their careers and, in some cases, even the direction of their lives,
as recounted by Barry Lawrence, author of the new and very thorough
biography, "In Search of River Phoenix: The Truth Behind the Myth."
(Copy enclosed)
River Phoenix was enormously talented with an extraordinary
devotion to his craft and to the world in which he lived. The award
of a star for him on the Walk of Fame is completely appropriate
professionally, personally and socially.
Already on file with the Walk of Fame committee is a short
video of excerpts from River Phoenix's performances.


1989: Nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor in a Supporting Role

1989: Nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance in a
Supporting Role for the Motion Picture "RUNNING ON EMPTY"

1992: Won the Independent Spirit Award as Best Male Lead
for "MY

1988: Won the National Board of Review Award as Best Supporting

1992: Won the National Society of Film Critics Award as Best

1991: Won the Volpi Cup as Best Actor for "MY OWN PRIVATE

1983: Nominated for the Young Artist Award as Best Young Actor
in a New Television Series for "SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN
1984: Won the Young Artist Award as Best Young Actor In A
1985: Nominated for the Young Artist Award as Best Young Actor
in a Family Film Made for Television for "BACKWARDS: THE
1986: Won the Young Artist Award as Best Young Actor Starring
a Television Special or Mini-Series for "SURVIVING"
1986: Won the Young Artist Award for Exceptional Performance by
a Young Actor—Motion Picture for "EXPLORERS"
1987: Given the Honorary Jackie Coogan Award for "STAND BY ME"
(Shared with castmates Wil Wheaton, Jerry O'Connell and
Corey Feldman)
1988: Won the Young Artist Award as Best Young Superstar in
Motion Pictures for "THE MOSQUITO COAST"


Hi RiverFriends!
Just to make things official...
I delivered, in person, the nomination paperwork for River's
Star to the offices of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on Monday
10 AM, Los Angeles time. The woman who took it said, "That's all
need," leaving me with a great sigh of relief LOLOL

The Walk of Fame committee will make its decision by June 30,
one month away. They will only notify me personally IF they decide
give River a star...but they didn't know yesterday exactly when the
public announcement would be made. That leaves me unsure exactly
to expect, but if I don't hear something by July 1, then I will be
the phone trying to get the information.

Thank-you all for your continued and enthusiastic support for
this project, especially Helene for her work in contacting Heart
Phoenix for her permissioon to do this for River. I am well aware
that this is OUR project...not MY project, despite my being legs
feet for it, and I am honored...and I do feel be allowed to
represent you all in any River project which involves activity in

I really do think River has a good chance at being selected.
credentials as an actor, himself...AND as an actor who has
contributed measureably to film...AND as a human being whose
continues to make the world a better place through his influence on
those who come to know him...are impeccable.
What's more, last year (2004) the Walk of Fame committee
FOUR posthumous stars instead of just one as they have always done
before this. So I think we do have a good chance to see this dream
come true this year. But if not this year, then next or the year
after that...or...or...We'll keep the nomination active until River
is recognized.

After River is awarded his star, we will have five years to
raise $15,000 USD to pay for its installation. Please do not start
sending money until we know we are going to do it and I have time
set up a special account to accept money.
I can tell you now, however, that I am only going to accept US
money orders or international money orders made out in the name of
the account we set up, and I want to set things up so you can send
contributions directly to the bank for deposit, and not to me
personally. No cash, no personal checks, and nothing made out to me
or in my name. But, as I say, that's in the future. Let's not get
ahead of ourselves LOLOL!

Thanks again, everone...WE'RE ON OUR WAY!

Love to River and to All of Us!

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