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River dreams
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JuliaSubjectRiver dreams
PostedTue, Apr 04, 2006 12:40AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hi River friends,
I have thought long about whether I’d post this here. I haven’t
posted a lot lately, because for some weird reason I often felt bad
afterwards, like I should have just kept stuff to myself and what
I’m going to tell is based on dreams and not facts to discuss. But I
thought if it belongs anywhere then here.
I, like many of you, have thought of River a lot lately and this
resulted in some weird dreams of which I’m not sure if it means
anything or not.
The first dream was over a week back and I have only told one person
about this, because it is a bit weird. I think I can tell the other
dreams, although they are weird too.
In the night to March 31st I dreamed that I met River and he looked
like he looked like when he played Devo and I looked at him and
could sense his pure soul. It’s so difficult to describe what I
felt. Suddenly he was a child, like 5 years old, he looked very
different from how I saw him on photos as a child. I think he chose
this age to talk to me, I don’t know why. He said he hadn’t been
born yet. He said he was going to be born. He gave me the feeling as
if I had to take care of him, after all he was a child, I felt very
responsible for him and I said: if you choose to be born it will
only be for 23 years. He said he would decide to be born anyway.
The next day, in the night to April 1st, I dreamed River, looking
like Mike in MOPI this time, came into a room I was in, he peaked
into what I was reading and made a comment about it, a joke, but I
can’t remember anymore what. He said he could use things invented in
the future and that he came from the future. I said, if you can see
into the future, will I ever have kids one day and he said: “yes,
3”. I was very astonished, maybe that was an april joke of him or
maybe not, I dunno. I just remember that I thought, that is a bit
much. And last night I didn’t dream of him, but my sister told me
today that she met me in a dream last night and that I said River
had come to me in a dream too. And that I said “he was a bit cold, I
had to warm him”. I remember dreaming about my sister last night
too, but I don’t remember saying this to her! This is so crazy.
Anyways, what do you think?

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ThomasSubjectRe: River dreams
PostedTue, Apr 04, 2006 02:51AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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> Hi River friends,
I have thought long about whether I’d post this here.

Hi Julia,
I'm glad you decided to post. I don't know what to make of your
dreams; however, I had one years ago that sort of pertains to what
you wrote about. I dreamt, if that's what I did--maybe it was an
out-of-body experience, anyway I dreamt that I asked my spirit guide
if River would reincarnate; the answer was "yes, he has another
lesson to learn." I then asked if he would
reincarnate "soon;" "no," came the answer--"he needs to assist in
the deaths of his brother and sisters." Talk about weird! Now
assisting in the deaths of his siblings may sound ominous,
but what he (my guide appears as a man) meant was "spiritual"
deaths, not physical ones. Each person dies numerous times in the
course of a single lifetime--they die to their old ways of thinking
and acting. And there follows a rebirth-incarnate; that is to say,
there are adopted new ways of thinking and acting.

The part about you visiting your sister during a "dream" is very
likely an out-of-body experience, not a dream at all. I cannot
interpet the meaning of what River said to you; you are best
qualified to do that yourself.

Again, let me thank you for having the courage to post this message.



"All through the changes, the Soul never dies."
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ArianaSubjectRe: River dreams
PostedTue, Apr 04, 2006 02:51AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Wow that is perty weird.I used to have dreams of River before I
knew he was dead.Now I dont have them that much anymore.I had that
one of me and him running but that was in February.I had one not to
long ago of me and my friend on my the roof and talking and then
River and my brother came up and they talked for a long time.Then
River left, and my brother told me that River was really nice and he
wanted to get to know more of him.I thought that was a pretty cool
dream.I haven't had one since.But anyway I thought your dream was
really cool.My mom is really into dreams everymorning she asks our
dreams.But yeah I thought your first dream was really cool and I
also liked you second one.

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whatsername21SubjectRe: River dreams
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Hey Julia! wow that was so awesome. I love to hear about when people
have Riverdreams. That was a really beautiful one. So you don't have
any children yet? That would be so cool if you are here long enough
to tell us if his prediction was right! thank you for sharing this

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caitlinaliciaSubjectRe: River dreams
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I love hearing about others' dreams. Even more, I love thinking
about them; and though I'm not in a position to analyze them, per se,
they're infinitely fascinating to me. Especially ones like these,
where you can just FEEL there is something more to them--something
important and wonderful.

I've only ever had one dream in which River has appeared. I'll
admit, as one who dreams of people often, I'm almost surprised that
I've haven't dreamt of him more. But because of its rarity, I
treasure and think of the dream often. What I can recall of it is
short, however. There was no talking, just feeling. River was
sitting on a bedroom floor, his legs crossed, staring into a full
length mirror in front of him. He had his shirt off, and it was
almost as if he was examining himself, though not physically. He
just kept staring, not moving or blinking. I remember coming up and
kneeling behind him. I wrapped one of my arms around him from behind-
-around his right side, and gently kissed his left shoulder. I just
remember feeling this intense, heavy sadness; it was as if I wanted
to protect him, wanted to take away his pain with these soft
gestures. But I couldn't do either, and he just kept staring into
the mirror.

Maybe he'll visit me again one night, and if he ever does, I know it
won't be frivolous as dreams often can be. It'll be for a reason.
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