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So how's the ATW remodeling going?
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whatsername214/4/2006 2:52:13 AM
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whatsername21SubjectSo how's the ATW remodeling going?
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Hello lovers! So for those of you who've read some of my other posts
in the treehouse, you might know that a lot of things happen without
me being aware and I'm always the last to find out. SO....I was just
wondering from any of the webmasters, how the remodeling going? Just
so I can be up-to-date. And I don't mean to complain or anything--
this is just an observation--but for some reason, ATW is kind of
slow at uploading. It's not just my computer, because it's fast and
it doesn't do this with any other webpage. Yea, so I just wanted to
know. And one last thing, is there a place we can send suggestions
for the site?

thanks for your help!!!

love always,
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