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JuliaSubjectRe: SV: Re: Coincidence.
PostedWed, Apr 05, 2006 08:38PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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Hi Thomas, Chris and Barry!

Actually I don't know what to say. I heard about this too that River
asked Barry in a dream to write this book and I believe it, because
I had dreams about River too. And I also believe that we sometimes
can sense things that we normally don't. I've had experiences in
this direction too, but I didn't tell many people and those who I
told didn't seem to care or believe it. But meanwhile I don't really
care who believes me and keep those things to myself. I just told my
dreams in this other thread because I was amazed by them and
fortunately I found some who found it interesting too.
Chris, I can imagine how you feel, with these dreams, I'm glad that
in the past the predictions from your dreams didn't come true. Maybe
not your actual death was foreseen in them, sometimes death is a
synonym for change, maybe you changed as a person.
Anyway, I'd like to talk more about anything philosophical, if
anyone wants, email me at juliahbn @

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JenniferSubjectRE: SV: Re: Coincidence.
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Interesting theory Thomas.
Speaking of crossing over, have you ever seen that show " Ghost
Whisperer" I am hooked. Sorry about the OT.

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> Chris wrote:
> A little scary though.
> Take care
> Chris
> Hi Chris,
> I can see how the dreams you've had would seem scary; River
> apparently had a number of dreams in which he saw spirits
> coming to "take him away." These dreams scared him too.
> Regarding one's mortality, I believe that there is no free
> will-- that life is already laid out for us when we're born.
> It's quite possible that you're seeing the future. I hasten
> to add that life is NOT an amusement park--our real life
> happens to us on the other side of the veil. So take heart,
> you're not going to die-- regardless of the age in which you
> cross over--you're going to live forever.
> Thomas
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ladygirl75SubjectRe: SV: Re: Coincidence.
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> who knows if I will die soon. I really don´t think
> much about me, so don´t feel sorry for me.
> A little scary though.
> Take care
> Chris

ohhh don't say that Chris...
You see the others didn't so this too.
You well live till you live till you are a old man about 150...LOL
you know what I mean.

When you look in his eyes, you see Heaven.
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EdwardSubjectRe: Coincidence.
PostedThu, Apr 06, 2006 12:53AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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THOMAS wrote:
> I read that River mumbled “I’m having difficulty
> breathing” shortly before he was led outside from the Viper Room.

Thomas, I think that only you can really tell if this incident
represents a connection with River. But I know that it is possible
and apparently the others who are answering this thread do
let me add my own personal experience.

Years ago I had a very deep relationship with one of my students
when I was teaching in Los Angeles. We were in an experimental
program which I had helped to set up within the LA school system. It
was established by parents and teachers who wanted to make
education "more humane" for the kids. I won't go into all the
details of what made this program unusual, except to make this
relevant point: we actively encouraged close personal, first name
relationships between the faculty and staff, and the students and
their families.

Now, to make a long story short, a twelve-year-old (nearly 13)
insisted (truly...he was TENACIOUS!) on making me his "hero,"
whether I wanted to be or not! I have never understood what made
Greg love me so much, but I came to see it as the very best
compliment I have ever had...because Greg's spiritual development
was so high. The essence of it was that he only saw the Wholeness;
he did not credit the sense of separateness reported by our senses.
And he acted on the Wholeness, not on the separateness. I came to be
in awe of him. Knowing him, reflecting on how he could
have "learned" all that he obviously knew, led me to believe in
reincarnation and so changed my religion and my whole perspective on
spiritual matters. Not bad work for a 12-year-old who was unaware of
the impact he was having on me!
I might say more, but I don't think that mere words would actually
convey what it was like to know Greg. His father told me, "If you
knew him, you loved him; if you didn't know him, he couldn't be
But his mother told me, "Ed, he loved you so much. You were the most
important thing in his life." And it was finally impossible for me
not to reciprocate Greg's feelings.
So...there was a very strong heartlink between Greg and me at the
time he died...accidentally and completely unexpectedly. That night
for 2 hours, as an unvented heater slowly burned up all the oxygen
in his bedroom, I lay asleep 8 miles away dreaming of his death,
finally waking myself shouting out loud about his dying.

There is no doubt that there are links among us all...and that
giving real attention to those relationships can keep those links
active beyond the ordinary means of contact and interaction.

I was aware of what was happening between Greg and me, and so was
Greg, but Thomas and River had never met, and River was unaware of
Thomas...yet there is still strong evidence of a connection. I
accept that connection without any problem, but I am wondering how
to explain it when only one end of the connection was active.

Any ideas?


Do you "see" anything in the picture of Greg, below? Do you "feel"
anything coming through it?

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ThomasSubjectRe: Coincidence.
PostedThu, Apr 06, 2006 07:05AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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> Edward wrote:
I am wondering how to explain it when only one end of the
connection was active.
> Any ideas?
> Edward
> PS:
> Do you "see" anything in the picture of Greg, below? Do you "feel"
> anything coming through it?

Thomas writes:

Thank you for sharing that very moving story with me and the other
ATW members; it is too powerful to respond to immediately and I need
time to consider how to answer the above question. I WILL get back
to you on this. My initial response to the photograph is that Greg
is River-like.



"All through the changes, the Soul never dies."
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