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Sarah.SubjectRe: Coincidence.
PostedTue, Apr 11, 2006 11:40PM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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wow, very interesting post!
i admit, it kind of took my breath away when i first read it.
Thomas, I can't believe you didn't mention this to us earlier!
I'm no expert, but I do agree it sounds mostly like a psychic
link...and a very interesting and strong one too, for you to have such
an experience.
Edward, your story touched me deeply, thank you for sharing this with
us also
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caitlinaliciaSubjectRe: Coincidence.
PostedWed, Apr 12, 2006 05:02AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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That IS a coincidence. And perhaps something more, as you and others
have touched upon. And in my opinion, a connection between two
people, whether two-way or not, whether in life or in death, should
not have to be justified. Or scrutinized. If you can feel it—-if
you can feel something—-who's to say it doesn’t exist? No one.

It's strange for me to hear these things, though. Hear about the
reactions you all had to his death—the strange things that happened
that night/morning. It really puts into perspective how young I am,
and how far I am from ever having been able to know him—-if that
makes sense.

I mean, I was five years old when he died. I had just turned five.
That day, that Saturday (October 30th), I'd had a birthday party
(though my actual birthday is on the 28th). I have pictures of me
from the day he died (well... kind of... obviously he wasn't declared
dead until the 31st), which is a stupid fact, I know. I fell asleep
with face paint on, dreaming of my McDonalds birthday cake and the
Pet Shop toys I'd gotten... and he died. I never saw any of his
movies while he was alive, never knew his name while he was alive,
and definitely didn't hear about his death on the news and react to
it when it happened. I mean, I grew up and his death was just a
random fact I knew. And I don't even know how. I remember playing a
movie trivia game a few years back, and there was a clip from Stand
By Me and the trivia was to identify who River Phoenix was. I think
my mom identified him, and I just blurted out stupidly, "Oh yeah,
didn't he die in front of Johnny Depp's club, the Viper Room?"
That's all I ever knew of him, and I'm ashamed of that.

I know who he is, now. Obviously. And I'm better for it, I'd like
to believe... but it makes me sad to know I never knew of him in
life, only death. He was never really alive to me, and that's such a
stupid thing to say.
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ThomasSubjectRe: Coincidence.
PostedWed, Apr 12, 2006 06:00AM GMTMethodWeb-Site
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MiKKi wrote:
I'm not gonna post them because I was shot-down last time, whatever.

Hi MiKKi,
Take a chance--post your experiences; I'd like to hear about them,
and I'm sure I'm not alone.



"All through the changes, the Soul never dies."
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