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Ok, I'm confused...
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princess_liz87SubjectOk, I'm confused...
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I feel like I've walked in halfway through a converstaion here on
ATW, and am still trying to figure out whats happening. I do have
the general jist now though, and it seems like everyone is just
attacking each other for nothing.
I totally get that people have different views on different
subjects, and by all means go the 'free speech', but it seems like
it's getting personal now and views aren't being attacked anymore.
Rather, individual people are.
I think that it started off about River, but it's not about him
anymore. Now, I'm not involved in the attacks, but it's getting
uncomfortable to read all of them. Posts that start of nice are just
going insane.
I'm not one of those people that feels like she needs to do or say
certain things in order to 'prove' how much she loves River.
Everybody has their own way that they remember him and that's fine.
But we can't keep doing this!

It's not fair to anyone anymore. It's time to stop pointing fingers
and get back to what we came here to do. We can't lose ATW; it's
just not worth it! And it's not fair to the people who have worked
so hard to build ATW up. We all started out here for the same
reason; to find other people who admire and respect River as much as
we do and be able to talk about him with people who understand.
Let's just get back to that. Call a truce, let bygons be bygons, and
get over any petty differences that people have with others.

ATW is too special for us all to lose, and it feels like that's
where we're headed if something doesn't change soon. It's up to us
to fix it, now.

Lizzy xxx

You don't love someone because they're perfect. You love them in spite of the fact that they're not.
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