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Interesting as to how some 80s teen idols dated average young women...
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x80sfanaticSubjectInteresting as to how some 80s teen idols dated average young women...
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I always interested as to how some of these good looking, charismatic, and charming young hip 80s teen stars dated very early in their career to women that are were not typical of the Hollywood beauty stereotype.....River Phoenix dating Martha Plimpton for over three years, I think. Scott Baio dating Erin Moran for about a season or two on Joanie Loves Chachi. Michael J. Fox dated and married his former Family Ties co-star, Tracy Pollan. While, of course, their personalities are so different, I just find it intriguing as to how some teen stars earlier in their career dated girls of average appearance. Nothing wrong with a girl that does not have the typical Hollywood look, but it intrigues as to how some extremely good looking guys that either pose for Teen Beat and 16 dates dates an average looking girl for sometime. Michael J. Fox, happily married to Tracy Pollan. River with Martha Plimpton for a good three years...Scott Baio having a crush on her when he was only 16, but what we know later he dated all the hot Playboy Playmates and some hot blondes, but they all seem to so short as far as a relationship goes. I am not painting Baio, mind you, but I believe when he was 16 and Erin was 17, I think he might have a crush on her during his teen years as Chachi.

But I always thought it interesting as to how some very good looking stars earlier in their careers did date a girl that was not of typical Hollywood beauty. I thought that was always refereshing to see.....Don't worry, River fans. River is still my #1 hero...nothing changing that. But I always found it interesting as to how some of these stars could date an ordinary girl that didn't have the bubbly, ditzy, and pretty blonde figure.....I always amazed as to how early these teen stars date a girl that was not pretty, not attractive, but had substance as a real person. I am always surprised as to how long some could an average looking person longer than the other girlfriends that person dated before. The longest was Martha for River...the longest was Erin for Baio...and the most sucessful was Pollan for Michael J. Fox. I even read that even Michael Jackson(when he was black) dated Stephanie Mills during the late 70s-early 80s, a typical looking girl with an amazing voice. It just intrigues as to how something they see beautiful can be so rewarding...not so for Baio, but it did look like he loved Erin, but I guess the ego ruled his heart. Too bad he never followed his dad, Mario Baio's advice. But River, Michael, and Michael J. Fox all seem to understand the importance of a true amazes me as to how stars cannot see inner beauty of one person's heart. That's rare...
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